Long Weekend (Part 2)

Monday morning we woke to Lex jumping into bed between us at 6:15. He watched TV quietly for 10 minutes, when Loki’s internal alarm went off and said “Lex is up. WAKE UP!” At this point she woke up and cried out for someone to come get her out of her crib. They sat quietly for 10 more minutes before leaving the room to go watch Toy Story in the living room. That lasted …come on you guess…10 MINUTES! Wow you’re good at this, yes 10 minutes before the fighting started over something. At this point Mad Dog and I gave up and we got out of bed. Breakfast was made and kids were feed. Pancakes, turkey bacon and Toy Story 2. I had a heaping cup of COFFEE, since I knew it was going to be a busy day, they way we were starting out.

Our plan was Elm Park in the morning for a little duck feeding, soccer and play time on the “Tree House” before heading off to get some kind of lunch for a picnic at Green Hill Park. Everyone got dresses, we packed backpacks and I some how managed to remember the Sunscreen (remember I’m the bad Mom that never remembers sunscreen, hats or anything else that is important for little kids to have). Everyone in the car. 
Elm Park is usually a good time, but Lex and Loki were having issues this morning. We think part of it was they were still a little beat from their fun filled day in Maine, the other is the other kids were not playing the way they wanted to play. Also, since we came later in the morning, the playground had time to heat-up making the slides and equipment too hot to play on for long. 
The ducks were not interested in our bread today so we attempted to move on to soccer. Lex was excited because there was a little boy who ran over when he saw us with our soccer ball,  but the little boy kept picking up the ball and not kicking it to Lex. This go old very fast and Loki of course got feed up when the little boy touched her ball – at that point we thought it best to leave Elm park with  a very important lesson learned – COME EARLY. 
We stopped at Panera Bread and grabbed sandwiches, waters, juice, milk and a cookie for our picnic. Green Hill Park was starting to get busy. We slipped to the back and found a little spot were we could spread our blanket and enjoy our lunch. Mad Dog and I splurged and got Lobster Meat sandwiches which were very yummy. The kids enjoyed grilled cheese and got a kick out of eating on the blanket. Lex even helped clean-up   before we headed home for a nap, which we all participated in.  

All in all it was a wonderful day, and we have the fine men and women of the Armed Services to thank for it. I hope everyone had a good day today, I know we did.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on May 31, 2010.

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