Only Game In Town

There are just some days that everything is funny. Today was one of them. Well at least to Mad Dog and I. It probably because we were both a little sleep in the end, but regardless the ride home was full of laughs.

This afternoon we headed out to Western Massachusetts for the Taste of West Springfield. The festival takes place every year. It’s sponsored by the Rotary Club of West Springfield and other area businesses. Mad Dog took me the first year we were together and I hate that we don’t get to go every year. Fortunately this year we could take Lex and Loki for their first time. Both of them were very excited about the “surprise” that we had for them at evening (we no longer tell Lex we’re doing something a head of time since we get 10 BILLION questions about is it now). We met Mad Dog’s Mom at the Taste and started in.

We ate (or at the very least tried to with the kids wanting to get to other things) and then it was off to the rides, which Lex enjoyed immensely (Loki not so much). Loki did like the animals in the petting zoo, however she wouldn’t pet anything. She just liked to giggle at them. After riding the rides and seeing the animals we sat down for a little dessert. Mad Dog went for Fried Dough (which sadly he was disappointed with he told me later) and the kids, Grandma and I went for ice cream. Lex when for the classic Chocolate Ice Cream on a sugar cone with sprinkles, while I had a Ben & Jerry’s shake type things called a Pourover (I think). It had vanilla frozen yogurt and coffee syrup, which Loki drank all of (somehow managing to leave the plain vanilla frozen yogurt in the cup). After that we stopped at Mad Dog’s Mom’s for a few minutes before hitting the road.

Upon leaving I voiced my desperate need for an ice coffee, but I didn’t want to stop because of the kids. Mad Dog thought we could take a scenic route, that would hopeful put the kids to sleep and allow us to get our Dunkin’ Donuts fix. Since 3 big bites of Quesadillas was all that was consumed besides ice cream, Lex felt he couldn’t make it home without food, while Loki didn’t ask for food (but only drank my shake at the Taste) needed to eat. We stopped at McDonald’s and picked them up Happy Meals.

Loki ate half her cheeseburger and Lex pushed his fries around before declaring he was done and asked for his toy. Lex was given his Shrek 4 toy, which turned out to be the Three Little Pigs. Now the pigs look like they are dressed in little vests or outfits that look very Asian along with little hats, which oddly reminded me of the Chinese “Boss” character in Deadwood (which we are watching on DVD right now). If you haven’t seen Deadwood I highly recommend it. Yes it’s a “western” (so not me) and takes place back in 1876 in a gold mining camp in the Dakota Territory. You can get an education in language from this show if you’re not use to it. Their favorite word is C@$&sucker (namely the character called Al Swearengen) . This has gotten the the point where Mad Dog and I have started to make jokes about it while watching. The whole show has put us in a bad (or maybe dirty) frame of mind.

So here we are in the car, it’s getting late, we’re exhausted and Lex asks me to turn this Three Little Pigs toy on so he can year the sounds it makes (we have another Shrek Toy the “Little Wooden Puppet” that talks). I turn it on and Mad Dog figures out that if you hit the middle pig’s tummy he talks. Lex starts hitting it. The first sound is “Ohhh!” and then “Uhhuh!” (Remember German accent). The it says something, and a long time we had NO IDEA what the hell it was saying, but what we were hearing was funny enough. What we hear is “pussy-pot”  – I look at Mad Dog and ask “what the hell did that just say?” He doesn’t know. Of course since it makes noise, Lex is playing with it none stop. Each time he presses it, we laugh because it just sounds so absurd. What the toy really says is “Ohhh!”, “Uhhuh!” “He hoofed!” “He poofed!” “hyaaa!” “Yaaaa!” Then I started to do the voice – “Hyaaa!” Mad Dog is laughing so hard it hurts.

Yes, I know. Simple Things, Simple Minds. What do you want- we were tired.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on June 5, 2010.

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