Tractor Tippin’

We have started the Pee Challenge tonight. Mad Dog and I are going to start working with Lex to get him potty trained. He has his moments when he is focused and even gets excited about it. He loves stickers and the sticker chart worked for a while, but we need to get a little bit more hardcore.

Tonight I broke out one of two Chore Charts  Magnetic Boards put out by The Board Dudes (I had picked one up for Gabrielle this summer) that I bought. We sat Lex down and explained to him if he pees or poops in the potty he will get a star, one start equals a stick. If he pees/poops 3 times in the potty he will earn 3 stars which equals a Tractor. Mad Dog picked up one today so Lex could keep his eye on the prize. Mad Dog actually purchased 2 tractors so if Lex earns his he also earns one for Loki. He sat on the toilet immediately and went! He earn his first star and sticker. He has been in the bathroom 2 additional times trying since that first pee, hoping to win his Tractor before bed.

We then put the ultimate prize on the playing field. FRANK!  He has to do 3 days of peeing and poopin’ in the potty for Frank. We hope this will motivate him and keep him going. We know he can do it. He’s excited and we think motivated. He seems to think Loki is ready and that being the gentlemen he is, he offers for Loki to go to first. We think once Gigi gets here, he will see her using the bathroom (making the HUGE production she does for privacy) and that will make him want to do it even more. We can only hope.

We’ll keep you posted!


~ by Cute Fan Girl on June 14, 2010.

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