The Book According to Kim

There signs that the end of the world is upon us. Nostradamus has written about the end of the world. There are the sign mapped out in the Book of Revelation, the 7 seals will be broken and such. People study this, the predict dates and how many thousands of movies have been made about the end of the world.Very heavy stuff huh? Seriously. 

As your friend I want you to know I think something is going to happen tomorrow. I think we have observed several signs already. The first being that we have Gabrielle’s flight information more than 12 hours before her actual flight lands in the Northeast. Now seeing that I believe that we might be witnessing the end of the world in the next few days, this honestly seems like a moot point. Another being Mad Dog ate all his vegetables tonight before finishing his meat. The meat part isn’t really the significant part here, but the fact that he ate ALL his vegetables is the part that we should be worried about (and got seconds). The two previous acts seem small potatoes next to the three, which believe me scared me most of all. I feel bad that this is the format that I have to present it to you, I can only hope that you will tell your loved ones you do love them and thank them for being apart of your life. 
Mad Dog’s Father and Step-Mother are coming to visit the kids tomorrow. I know, I know seems like two of the four horse of the apocalypse are going to be galloping to the Hellmouth tomorrow and the fate of the world is sealed. Lex of course seems excited about this. We are positive (because he asked) that this is only because he believes the will bring him a gift, since they only come when gifts are involved. Mind you this was only after he asked if Grandma Mary Ann (Mad Dog’s Mom) and Nona/Nana Sandy (My Grandmother and My Mom) were coming. Loki hasn’t been told about the visit, which is most likely for the best, since the last time they were here she stayed two rooms away from them at all times. Mad Dog believes the visit is prompted by some “news” that will honestly not effect us in any way, but they feel the need to tell us. 
I know this seems a bit harsh of a prediction, but then again we have seen how rare it is that they visit Lex and Loki. Wow, I just got a flash – maybe they think their plump enough for eating (kind of like Hansel and Gretel) now. (I know I’m going to hell, but just a reminder I am in the Hellmouth). Hopefully Loki will be able to warn her big brother of the dangers of taking things from “strangers”, I think she is smart like that. 
So tomorrow if you’re outside between 10 AM (est) to noon (I wish I could give you a better time frame, but they say 10 AM and show up when they feel like it, also who knows if they are trying to get to Foxwoods for the early bird senior special) watch-out for asteroids, black smoke monsters, John Cusack flying a plane and/or alien space ships that house aliens that don’t give a damn about Reese’s pieces I would honestly run for cover. 

~ by Cute Fan Girl on June 15, 2010.

One Response to “The Book According to Kim”

  1. Maybe chop them both up and put them on pizza….love you all! Good Luck tomorrow. =)

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