Are We There YET!

Last year I started the new tradition for our family: The Summer Vacation T-Shirt. I know sounds a little geeky huh? I don’t plan on us all wearing them out to a trip to the Science Museum (seeing I’m the one who makes fun of the people who all dress in the same color shirt to make it easy to keep track of everyone) or anything, but it something fun that marks another summer together.

The first year (which was last year) I made them only for the kids (letting Mad Dog and I off the hook). I had every intention of making this amazing t-shirt, but waiting to the last minute I had to settle for something simple and hand drawn. The design was an outline of Maine with the family name and year on it. The colors were slightly different on each shirt. Lex still wear’s his occasionally.

This year I am completely on the ball. Weeks ago I started playing around with an idea and buying the transfer paper for the iron-ons . I used clip art (and my talent for altering clip art) to create cartoons of each of us (Mad Dog is a little Beetnik).I kept them black and white and printed them on white t-shirts which I picked up today. I had a few hiccups in the printing which left Gabrielle’s and Loki’s the only two perfect ones, but the rest are okay and wearable. Lex loves his and is already begging to wear it. I’m hoping Gabrielle will like it too. I think this is something I will do for any of our big trips. Giving the kids something to talk about at the holidays, how Mom would make us wear those stupid handmade t-shirt every vacation.

Might just have to start thinking about next year’s.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on June 20, 2010.

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