Video Games Killed Saturday Morning Cartoon Star

Boy in the Bubble

Summer has officially started for us. Gabrielle joined our family this past Tuesday. With her arrival things have changed (as we expected). Lex was very excite to see her, he has been looking forward to her arrival for sometime. We think partly because I associates her with Christmas, because of this we have had to explain to him several times that it is not Christmas time yet. We think he understands now, but you never can tell when he’ll start asking for his footy-pajamas again. Loki is of course cautious about Gabrielle. She has warmed up to her in the last few days, giving her kisses before bed and hugs. Loki still keeps to herself most of the time, but does join in with the others from time to time.

The summer has already been jam-packed. Mad Dog spent Wednesday stealing Gabrielle, taking to the library, Target and Borders for books. Friday Morning he took them to the Eco-Tarium, Target again (don’t think a day is complete without a trip to Target) and waited for me to get home. We went to Nourse Farm for our CSA and then had pizza night. This morning was Coopers Hilltop Dairy Farm, Dunkin Donuts, Target (did you guess this time) and Lowe’s  for Build and Grow.

Saturday Morning Video Games

Lex of course wants to be like his big sister, when asked what he wanted for a donut this morning we started with a Sprinkle Donut, but after hearing Gabrielle’s order of a Chocolate Glazed Donut he changed his mind. We’re hoping this works to our advantage in the potty training department. We have been playing it up that Gigi needs privacy and that she is a Big-Girl using the potty. I don’t know if it going to do it, but we’re hoping. Their big bonding experience has been video games. From my understanding Loki is getting pretty good (I guess they take after me). Tomorrow morning we’re looking at the park if the weather is good and Tuesday we have family day complete with a trip the the Doctors for Loki’s 18 month check up. Maine is in our future as well, for sometime with my family. Loki got her first sleeping bag this weekend.

One of my goals this summer is take a lot of photographs which include Gabrielle. I tend to take pictures all the time with Lex and Loki, but when Gabrielle is here I find I don’t as much. I don’t know if it more chaotic with 3 or if its that we usually have a lot more going on (Christmas, etc) when she is visiting. I haven’t been off to a good start, I have taken my camera with me three different places and not a shot. I have 9 more weeks to get on the ball.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on June 26, 2010.

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