The Hills Are Alive!

What could there possibly be in Western Massachusetts to miss? I might have said at one time nothing, but I find myself missing a few things. Most of them have to do with one place in particular – Northhampton. Better know to most in the western part of the state as NoHo it is the home of Smith College.

Downtown Northampton is full of shops and restaurants waiting to be explored. Mad Dog first introduced me to NoHo when I met him at Modern Myths, a comic book shop he worked at part time. Myths has an open Game Board Night every Saturday night. We ordered in sushi from Taipei & Tokyo. The restaurant gave out little slips with (don’t know if it still does) your check, saving your slips (a lot of them) could result in a real pearl.

 One of my favorite places is La Veracruzana a Mexican Restaurant. Along with their large menu, they offer a fresh salsa bar and fresh made chips. Veracruzana is one of those places we return to time and time again. This was one of the places we visited this past Tuesday on our trip to NoHo. Mad Dog ordered his usual, a Potato and Carrot Burrito. The flour tortilla filled with refried beans (Mad Dog usually asks for black beans), rice, lettuce, cheese and of course potatoes and carrots. It’s HUGE and very filling (according to Mad Dog – I refuse to try it). I had Tostadas, two flat crunchy corn tortillas topped with refried beans, lettuce and cheese. I have mine made with sirloin strip steak.

Some of our other favorite locations to dine when we’re in NoHo include: Pinocchio Rosticceria for pizza; Northampton Brewery (amazing sweet potato fries); India House for the most amazing Indian food; and of course Sylvester’s Restaurant for the best breakfast (my favorite is the Irish Eggs Benedict – who wants Canadian bacon when you can have corned beef hash!).

Along with eating in NoHo there are shops and things to do that we love and miss. Raven Used Books I think is top on Mad Dog’s list. We have purchased and sold many book here. If I had thought of it I would have picked up new bumper stickers for our cars while were were in town.  Just across the way is Faces. They have clothing, cards, stuff for the kitchen – it’s a very young/unique shop. They also usually have an interesting front window display.  Along with shopping, there is East Heaven Hot Tub Co. & Paradise Spa.

The first time Mad Dog suggested East Heaven I thought he was joking. I mean hot tubing? It sounded a little cheap – you know the hot tubes shaped like hearts or champagne glasses. That is not this place. The rooms are beautiful (indoor and outdoor) and all very private. It’s clean and a lot of fun. If I hadn’t burned my arm, we would have been there Tuesday afternoon. It’s a wonderful treat- I highly recommend it.

There are no raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, but these are some of a few of our favorite things.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on July 2, 2010.

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