Time Outside the Bubble

Do weekends, especially long weekends have to go by so fast? There were moments I thought this weekend wouldn’t end and then there were moments I wished it could go on forever.

Our weekend started out rocky. Leaving work Friday I headed up to Burlington to meet Mad Dog and the kids. This way we could leave Mad Dog’s car and start up for Maine (our final destination) earlier than if I went home and we left from there. We were hoping to beat some of the traffic. Sadly my car had a different plan. We left Burlington and got on 495, only to have my “At Oil Temp” light go on. This is not good. We drove back to the mall. Not wanting to cancel because of the kids, we transferred everything to Mad Dog’s little car (kids and all) and headed to Maine in his car. Gabrielle felt more comfortable, the space between the car seats seemed to have more room. We stopped for dinner once we hit New Hampshire. All was looking good. We were running late, but still we would have time to set up the tent and maybe have a swim. We hit Alfred and about 8 minutes from the house, Loki threw-up her lunch (she didn’t really eat dinner). Lo-Mein noodles not fun. It was bad. We managed to convince Gabrielle it was better to make the last few minutes to the house and then deal with clean-up. We did.

Then it was all hands on deck! We had to unload the car, get the tent up and get settled before we could think about that swim. The kids all jumped in (somewhat). Gabrielle watched Lex and Loki while Mad Dog set to the tent. I unloaded the car, and put food away. We had things done in no time. With us “settled” I made a run the the grocery store, which is oddly aways farther away than I remember (Mad Dog likes to remind me of this each year when I make the run). I picked up yogurts, milk and a few small odds and ends and rushed back to the house, since Mad Dog couldn’t exactly take all three kids in the lake alone (which oddly he managed to on Saturday). I got back to see all the kids chomping at the bit to get in the water.

The water was warm and refreshing, however “Houston we have a problem”! It is a pond/lake and with such places if you linger too long in the mud, there is the possibility we found of leeches. Not my favorite thing to deal with. Having said that we dealt with it. Miss Lo-Lo had on on Saturday and she lived! She was also a very big girl about the whole thing. When we first got in, Loki wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of not being able to walk, or be in complete control of what she was doing. Mad Dog took her in and had her in the big tube. Lex hung out with me in the fishing chair (this big tube like thing you can sit in the water in and fish from). We played for a bit, and then headed in (checking everyone for any little friends).

Bedtime in Maine, is in the tent. Though we do stay at Stuart’s cabin (my Mom’s husband), we sleep outside. We have a huge tent that fits us all and we could have a few friends if we really wanted them. This year is the first year we haven’t had a pack n’ play. We purchased Loki her very own sleeping bag (blue). At bedtime I headed out to the tent with Lex, Loki and a prayer. The plan was (okay I know that was first problem – having a plan with kids) to have Lex sleep on my left, Loki on my right and Mad Dog next to Loki and then Gigi next to him. Loki didn’t like this arrangement. She wanted to sleep next to Lex. That is the way she fell asleep, cuddled between Lex and I. Lex on the other hand was a little too excited. He couldn’t settle down. He claimed his tape-worm was hungry (he didn’t stop eating all day), worried he would wake Loki up, I got frustrated and feed up. Kicking him out with his flash light to walk around the house in the dark to the front door. He didn’t think twice about this. Taking his Toy Story flashlight he pointed it at the ground and headed in. Announcing to everyone (my Mom, Stuart and Nana had arrived by this late hour) that he came to say hello forgetting all about his tape-worm. When he came back to the tent with Mad Dog and Gabrielle in tow he settled between Mad Dog and I in Loki’s original position. I woke ever hour to make sure they were both covered (it was chilly that first night).

The morning started with Lex announcing it was “Morning Guys!” I got up with him and let the girls and Mad Dog rest. The house was already rockin’ (I guess it’s true older people don’t sleep). Lex got his yogurt and sat  down and ate it while talking with Nana Sandy. Loki, Gigi and Mad Dog followed a little later.

Gabrielle, Sandy and I headed to the grocery store for a few things and to Ed’s Grove Discount Warehouse (aka The Junk Store). We love Ed’s. It is a all in one place kind of. They have toys, tools, fishing gear, kitchen stuff, craft stuff, t-shirts, gifts and more! This is the origin of O’Brien, Lex’s little monkey friend who hangs out with Jimmy. Gabrielle bought O’Brien here several years ago on a visit. The focus of this trip was for “Funny Bands” (Lex is so in). They had them for $0.99/dozen. Nana Sandy had picked up some a few weeks ago for Lex and Gabrielle was on the hunt. We picked up some more and headed back to the house.

The rest of the day and weekend (we stayed until late afternoon on Sunday) was made up of fishing, swimming, eating and yelling at the dog (Indiana). Lex and Gabrielle went fishing with Mad Dog and Stuart. They all came back with fish except Stuart! Mad Dog said Lex was a little bothered by the fish flapping around, but other than that was very into it. Loki was left at home with Nana, Nona and me to play without anyone bothering her. When Deadliest Catch came back to shore, Gabrielle and Stuart let the fish go. We were all amazed and impressed with Gabrielle and her fish handling.

What is going away with the Grandparents, if they didn’t worry that you were going to allow your kids to kill themselves? My Mom reads this blog, and I’m sure she will agree that she was a nervous wreck about the kids being around the dock, the water, the stairs, the chiminea and just about everything you could think of. I think she was honestly upset about the leech issue with had with Loki. I know this is what Grandparents do. Trust me we won’t be telling any Maine stories around Mad Dog’s Dad (unless I want to completely freak him out). The kids were fine, they always are. They learn (and sometimes Mad Dog and I will admit, they DON’T LEARN) from experiences. We were recently honored (I think both of us were) when a new Mom friend of ours told us both that she liked how we were with our kids, we let them experience and didn’t overly worry about them keeping them in a bubble. I like when parents see us that way, I worry sometimes that people don’t think we parent, because we don’t freak over everything, or anything for that matter.

Saturday evening ended with s’mores. I did it a little different this time. I crushed up the graham crackers in a bowl and poured some chocolate sauce in another. We toasted marshmallows and then dipped them in the chocolate and graham crackers. This made it easier for the kids, plus the traditional s’mores always are too big for the kids. Gabrielle gave up toasting half way through and just dipped. Lex didn’t want to eat them, just toast them. Loki had strawberries no s’mores for Berry-Girl.

Sunday was clean-up day. Packing up the sleeping bags, pulling down the tent and making sure no Friend was left behind! Morning fishing trip for the kids and Mad Dog while Nana Sandy and I broke down the tent. 
After lunch we headed out, stopping at Walmart for book for Gabrielle, since she reads so fast (a book that she read/finished by the time we got home). I stopped on the way home for deli meat and potato salad for dinner (too tired and hot to deal). We unpacked. EVERYONE took baths and went to bed. 
Everyone had a good time. When asked what was their favorite part: 
Lex – Swimming
Gabrielle – Letting the fish go or Swimming across the lake BY HERSELF. 
Mad Dog – Spending time with the family. 
Loki – (She didn’t say but we’re pretty sure) Strawberries and swimming (minus the leech). 
Me – Cuddling in the tent between Lex and Loki. 
Today (Monday) was for recovery. Mad Dog had to work. I took the kids to Target  to pick up diapers, and stuff we needed. Otherwise we just hung out. Camp starts tomorrow for Gabrielle. Lex and Loki get Daddy time with Mad Dog since it’s his day off (he had to deal with street cleaning – poor guy). 

~ by Cute Fan Girl on July 5, 2010.

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