Family Dynamic

The summer is in full swing now, we are 3 weeks into Gabrielle’s summer with us and the kids have all settled in. What does this mean? This means NO ON IS LISTENING!

We talk and worry about Lex and Loki’s behavior changes when Gabrielle is around, but right now we are experiencing it. Lex is acting out for attention and Loki, well Loki doesn’t get left alone. Observing things I find that Gabrielle is either asking Lex to come play, or is telling him to go away. With Loki she likes teaching her things, that she thinks are cute. This is getting old very fast, since we we say enough is enough Gabrielle thinks we are only talking to Lex and Loki.

It is very frustrating. Today we went to breakfast with Mad Dog’s Mom. She came out from Western Massachusetts to take us for breakfast. Lex was very excited to see Grandma Mary Ann, and to add to the excitement we were going for breakfast. He didn’t misbehave, but I can’t say that he was an angel. He was looking for attention. Gabrielle moved close to Loki at the end of breakfast and started to get her worked up, but when Lex wanted to play too there was drama. Mad Dog explained to the three of them to stop, but Gabrielle went on and on with Loki.
The morning was long, and to be honest – Lex too most of the dirt looks for it all. Since he was the one at the forefront. Since he was the one spoken to the most it made it seem as if he was the only one at fault. Mary Ann asked about his behavior at Daycare. We said he gets good reports, nothing unusual for a kid of 3. We see that he is acting out for attention, since Gabrielle is now at the forefront of things.

Mad Dog and I have to talk and figure out how to handle this upheaval and disruption. In someways we have to just get to the end of August, but that isn’t fixing things. Updates to come. 


~ by Cute Fan Girl on July 11, 2010.

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  1. Upon hearing of the storming of the Bastille in Paris, Louis XVI said
    “Is it a revolt?”

    “No Sire…it is a Revolution”

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