One Way on a Drive Through The Hell Mouth!

WPD Cruiser

Never a dull day in the Hellmouth. Tonight while getting the kids ready for bed I looked out my front window to find not one, but two of Worcester’s finest Police cruisers in front of our house. There was a large pick-up truck across the street from the house facing the wrong direction (our street is only one way – though a lot of the fine people of Worcester don’t know this because we always see people driving up it the wrong way).

On the sidewalk were 3 guys ( I think in their late teens/early twenties – that is being kind they looked 2), with four officers. One was searching the truck, the others were there for back-up. This went on for a while and finally they arrested the driver of the vehicle. For what I don’t know. While this was going on I got Loki to bed. Lex looked out the window for a few minutes checking out the cop cars. He said “They caught a bad guy!” I said yes they did. At that point Gabrielle in the bath and it was night-night time for Lex-man. After all that I had to get my camera (damn if I was going to miss this one).

After putting the suspect in cuffs, the told the other two they could go. Just go – walk to wherever the hell you were going to (or the last rock you crawled out from under).  Then we waited for the Paddy-wagon. The cops decided to fix the truck so that people could actually drive up and down the street. During this they set off the alarm and the guy had to tell them how to shut it of, which is a good thing because they would have had to come up and tell Loki it was bedtime if they woke her up. The Paddy-wagon came, the suspect went off for booking and the four cops should around for I don’t know how long, because when I went back to the window they were gone.

The only thing left was the truck facing the wrong way on a ONE WAY STREET. Good Night Hellmouth!


~ by Cute Fan Girl on July 12, 2010.

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