Beach Blanket Bingo

When people think summer a lot of people think Beach! The sand, the waves the people in bathsuits that shouldn’t see bathing suits. As a kid we would spend our summers on Cape Cod, about a 1/4 (probably closer) miles from the beach. We would spend the day in the sand, go back for lunch and then back again. This went on for a week and one summer I remember two weeks. My parents would let me take a friend (and again one lucky year 2 friends) with me, this was for their benefit and mine. Someone to amuse me and prevent me from saying the dreaded vacation words “I’m bored”.

As I have grown older the beach has lost it allure. I don’t find myself dreaming of laying on it, in fact I can’t don’t always enjoy a trip to the beach. My adult experiences with the beach have been mixed at best. I had the joy of going to walking on the beach in Fall and early Spring with Friend in Rockport, Massachusetts. Those mornings or evenings when the beach is just about empty and the sun is low in th sky. Magic hours are always the best time to be at the beach. I love those memories with my friends. 

The other end of the spectrum is going to the Vinyard, riding a bike back and forth to the house out of shape and being made to lay on the beach with two other girls that had the bodies that no one would deny a bakini was made for. If you can’t guess this would be one of those moments that have turned me off to Beach Blanket Bingo.

Having children we want them to exprience everything they can (when we can) regardless of our feelings for such things. I don’t know if Mad Dog is indifferent to the beach or not. I do know in past years he has mentioned us going, with me changing the subject as quickly as possible. On this trip to Maine we decided to take the kids to the beach. We packed all the right things, buckets, shovels, rakes, towels, snacks and sunscreen (I didn’t forget this time). Lex was very excited about the beach, with great plans for a huge sandcastle. Gabrielle was planning shell hunting, which ment that we would have buckets of stinky shells to lug home. I explained ot her if she found SMALL shells we could make rings or jewelry, but hell who wants small shells. Loki, well Loki didn’t really know what was instore for her, this would be her first trip to the beach.

We picked Ferry Beach State Park which stretches along Saco Bay in (you guessed it) Saco, Maine. Parking the car, we pulled together all our gear and started the short walk to the beach with Lex leading the charge down the boardwalk. We manged to spray everyone down with sunscreen before they took off for their own pursuits. Lex, Mad Dog and Gabrielle took for the water. It was cold and no one went further than their knees (including Mad Dog). Loki settled herself high on the beach sitting in the sand digging. She played by herself leaving the others to the water. Mad Dog and Lex then settled in the wetter sand for castle constructions, while Gabrielle pulled shell after shell from the ocean and placed it in a pile for the trip home. I  laid a towel down and took pictures. 

Mad Dog built and Lex destroyed (see a pattern?) Loki eventually came down to where they were playing helping Mad Dog top his bucket castles with more sand. She was very careful not to break them, unlike her brother. Gabrielle joined in from time to time, but mainly collected shells until she needed to drag me back to the bathrooms near the car. We didn’t stay much longer after that, because of Gabrielle’s planned visit with her Great Grandmother who lives in Kennebunkport.  
After dropping Gabrielle off, Mad Dog the kids and I headed into Kennebunkport for lunch. Mad Dog parked the car, while I got out and went into a public restroom to possibly puck. I had let Mad Dog do most of the driving – no his driving isn’t that bad, but I was looking out the window taking pictures which caused a little car sickness. I didn’t get that sick and once my stomach was full of lunch I was okay. We made our way through the streets looking for some place to eat, we ended up at Federal Jack’s Pub & Brewery. Though I would have loved to same a brew, I stuck with water because of my stomach. Lex had the BEST Peanut Butter (to the waitress “Girl – No Jelly Please.”) ever. Loki ate mostly her fries and later fed her toasted cheese sandwich to the seagulls. Mad Dog found a Black & Blue Burger (which he didn’t find blue enough) and Sweet Potato Fries. I had Grilled Crab & Havarti Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries. Food was yummy and the kids (being their normal 2 child dynamic) were extremely good during the wait and meal. 
After picking up Gabrielle we started back to Alfred. Lex fell asleep in the car. We let him sleep with the window open once we got back to the house. Loki was very upset by his absence from the group. She stuck by the car, trying to wake him.  Shells were cleaned in buckets and some were lost to little feet. The rest of the day and evening was spent around the cabin. We grilled and ate. The kids played and everyone went to bed in the tent with no issue. 

~ by Cute Fan Girl on July 21, 2010.

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