I’m A Big Boy NOW!

This post is a two parter. The first is to talk tell you all about some very good news! The second it to tell you all who helped make it happen (kinds of two people, but we’ll get to that shortly).

Today Lex didn’t wear a diaper all day! Mad Dog and I talked to him last night about how he had to start being a big boy and go in the potty. He said he would try, but we weren’t overly confident in that since he also said he would like climb his bedroom wall and stand on this bed’s foot-board (might be a Spider-man phase). His morning diaper was wet, and though we tried to sit on the potty we got no satisfaction, so we went off to school. Miss Kim (Lex and Loki’s Daycare Provider) decided today was the day. There would be NO diapers (my boy went commando)  Over the course of the day he wore no diapers, not even at nap-time (Kim is a brave woman!). He went not once, not twice, but three times – with no accidents! Before we left for drive home he tried and went a FOURTH TIME! Mad Dog and I could not be prouder.

On arriving home he tried again, but no luck. He promised to try after dinner. Which he did and he went. With the exception of bedtime he will not be wearing diapers anymore! We are going to make a big go of this! We think he can do it. He thinks that he can too. He keeps telling us he is going to get Frank (the tractor from Cars) which we told him he could have after he managed 10 times in the potty.

There are people who come into your life who are a blessing. That touch the lives and the lives of your family in a way that you couldn’t imagine anyone else doing. We have one of those people in our lives. It’s Miss Kim! She has been taking care of Lex since he was 6 months old and Loki since she was 9 weeks. When people say the kids are well behaved, I tell them we can only take part of the credit because Kim is a big part of that. The kids love her and her family. Lex often tells stories about her kids, and talks about them when he is home. She has always given us great advise and if she doesn’t have the answer, she finds it from another source. She knows when they are ready to do things (or give up things) and she knows when we need a push ourselves. We love her and everything she does for the kids and for us.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on July 29, 2010.

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