Bones and Ass Kicking! What Could Be Better

Quick post about our Anniversary dinner out! First a big thank you to my Mom for watching the kids and for the kids for being SOOOO good.

For our special dinner we went to Red Bones in Somerville. It’s not fancy, but it is the place that catered our Wedding 3 years ago and we love it. Each year Mad Dog drives into Somerville and picks up dinner for us, but this year we thought we would go there instead.

We started our dinner out with sweet potato fries and Hushpuppies (fried cornbread, flavored with scallions and garlic, served with a vinegar sauce). From there Mad Dog had 1/4 Chicken with Mac & Cheese, dirty rice and corn pudding (which they forgot, but we got to go). I had Catfish and Memphis style ribs (traditional pork spareribs with a smokey flavor) served with cole slaw and potato salad.  Everything was so yummy. Sorry to say the photos of my food didn’t make it since it was a little dark and I couldn’t get the shot right.


We took part of my meal and Mad Dog’s corn pudding and headed over to Kickass Cupcakes. I found them online and we just had to try it. We picked up 5 cupcakes to take home, 3 vanilla with M&M for the kids (all the same so there would be no fighting), a Cookie Dough for Mad Dog and a Key Lime (at the recommendation of the clerk – which was completely amazing. I’ve never had Key Lime anything so this might have turned me on to it). Along with our take home we ordered a DEEP FRIED CUPCAKE. Yes, you heard that right. Cream stuffed vanilla cupcake dipped in sweet batter, deep fried and drizzled with chocolate sauce, dressed with whipped cream and a cherry. OMG! It was amazing. We shared this of course while we sat outside the shop. I would have posted the look of heaven on Mad Dog face, but he would kill me for that picture. It was amazing. The texture was that deep fried ice cream and the taste was a bit like that too. Needless to say it was a guilty pleasure well worth the trip.



~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 17, 2010.

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