Case File: Grand Nothing

There are mythical creatures in history. Spook stories and ghosts that people hear about, but rarely ever see. Every once in awhile someone captures a glimpse of these in pictures. In the case of Nessy, of Loch Ness fame, the first sighting is usually at the beginning of the next viewing season. Big Foot and the Jersey Devil have been seen on several occasion by those camping in the woods. Sightings like this have been been the feature of many blogs and even Television shows such as X-Files. Sadly Mulder and Sully never saw what Lex and Loki saw today. 

They saw their Grandfather and Grandmother. This of course is Mad Dog’s infamous Father and Step Mother. It has been 10 weeks since their last visit to see the kids, prior to that we believe the last visit was in March (but have not documentation of it). Today the spent a total of 30 minutes with Lex and Loki, this averages 3 minutes for each week they haven’t seen them. The drive out is 58 minutes according to Google Maps (one way), which means they spend 4 times the amount of time the spent with the kids in the car. 

Granted they didn’t just come to see Lex and Loki, in fact in a lot of ways I think they didn’t come to see them at all. They came to see Gabrielle and take her out for her birthday and to let her pick out stuff as gifts at Target. This is their only visit with Gabrielle this summer since seeing her before Christmas. They dropped a bunch of gifts on her, to make sure she didn’t remember this. They also brought Lex and Loki gifts. The picked up somewhere place-mats with the kids names on them (all three). Hmmm…you’re thinking they found a place-mat with Loki’s name on it, amazing huh? Not so much. They purchased a plain place-mat and took clear tape and a marker and wrote her name on it. Some people find this sweet, I don’t. I’m annoyed and I feel in someways its their continuous way of shunning her a bit. I mean if you know you’re not going to be able to get three place-mat (or three of anything) with all three children’s name on them why would you buy them at all? Why not just by three blanks or something that doesn’t have their names on it? I know I might be irrational about this. I know I named my daughter a name that she will never find on a note pad, a pencil or a licence plate for her bike. I’m okay with that, and I know Loki will be too. But why should anyone insist on pointing this out to a child. 

 Needless to say I am annoyed, once again with my Father-in-law. I have not seen him since his 75th Birthday Party held last year before Father’s Day (Mad Dog pointed out 15 months). This we all know is for the best, I think my sarcasm could not be stifled. Maybe it shouldn’t be. I don’t think it is doing me any good biting my tongue. I know it’s not doing Lex and Loki any good. 

~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 25, 2010.

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