Do or Do Not There is No Try

Everyone has a “To Do List”. It’s a list that never seems to go away and go down, it only ever gets longer. I am no different. I have projects on top of projects and never enough time to do it all. I am planning on getting some of it done once Gabrielle goes back to WI. Once less person in the house will help with organization and it will mean that I won’t be breaking up fights ever five minutes.

The biggest and start point for my September projects is Loki’s Room. At the beginning of the summer I picked up paint to paint her dresser. It was a hand-me-down and it’s plain ugly. Lex happens to have my childhood dresser which is painted a Cobalt Blue, in a brush finish. Loki’s I’m planning on painting a Raspberry Tart color with Autumn Moon accents. I am also looking for new hardware. After painting I am planning a purge! The closet is FULL of toys that Gabrielle has out grown and come out once a year (if that) when friends of ours come over with their daughters. We are also planning on finally getting rid of the bag, upon bag of stuff animals which are hiding under her bed. It is the main reason I usually get annoyed when someone gives Lex and Loki a stuffed animal, they seem to multiple and reproduce and before you know it you can have Disney Store Display of plush. After that I hope to replace the two bookcases (when I have money) in that room so that they are made of the same wood color as her bed. Currently I am working on three pieces of original art for her wall, made of comic book collage in the Owl theme we have selected for her room. I am also working on a large photo collage, using possibly 100 4×6 pictures.

Along with Loki’s room, I have a nightstand we found to clean up and paint. Again I had picked up the paint at the beginning of the summer, but never got to painting. There there is the wooden, wood burned growth chart I’m working on for the kids. I have Hobby Horses to make for Loki’s Farm theme birthday party. The fabric is already purchased and I just have to find yarn, ribbon and buttons to finish them out. Also to had to our sewing project we are looking at making the kids costumes again this year. I won’t say what, we need to see if we can find the correct fabric but if we do find it the costumes will be a lot of work (but well worth it).

I hope to go through our stored clothing to see what we have for the kids for the fall and winter. We have been very lucky to have a lot of wonderful people give both Lex and Loki clothing over the years. Each time we are given anything we go through each piece and make the call: Keep or Pass On. Any keepers that the kids can’t wear yet, we store in boxes which Mad Dog gets from work. We sort based of child, season and size. We try to store the boxes together and facing outward so we can see the labels easily. Once I go through things I’ll know what we need to pick up for them. I know one things will be warm pajamas and long underwear. This whole process will help when my Mom asks what the kids need, like jackets or pants.

A new project added to the list is a version of a machine called Copy Kake. Mad Dog and I figured out how we can make our own version, which I would like for not only art projects, but cookie/cake decorating. This will allow me to make special treats for the kids. We’re reusing a camera lens from one of my old 35 mm film cameras. We have to pick up or find a few other items and we’re good to go. We are also going to look for some LED lights to keep the heat down on the project. I’ll let you know once we pull it together. Maybe Lex will help Mad Dog with the construction since he is such a Master Builder.

Along with this I want to make a little purse for Loki. She has been walking around with one of Gabrielle’s purses, so I want to make her something special. I’m thinking with felt. I am also going to start to product my bird houses and boy/girl boxes for resale (I hope).

Maybe I should stop blogging and get working.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 30, 2010.

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