Origins: Lex

On our many rides home Lex and I have some interesting chats. Tonight he was asking about going to the Zoo, this lead to talking about when we went to DC and saw the Panda Bears. I said something like “that was before Loki was born” and this prompted Lex to ask “When she was in your belly?” I said yes.

Lex: When was I in your belly? 
Me: Long time ago. 
Lex: How me get out? 
Me: Long story.
Lex: Out your mouth?
Me: No, not out my mouth. Why don’t you ask Daddy later.
Lex: Okay.

Later this evening we started to conversation up again. I told him to ask Mad Dog how he came out. Mad Dog proceeded to tell him about his birth.

Mad Dog: When you were in Momma belly, we wanted you to come out and play. So I got a feather and tickled Mommy’s nose until she sneezed, but you didn’t come out. So then we tried syrup of ipecac and gave Mommy a big glass of that to drink down. She threw-up, but you STILL didn’t come out. So then I thought to knock on Mommy’s belly and invite you out to play. I knocked and I knocked on her belly, which turned out to be right on the top of your head, but you STILL didn’t come out. Probably because you didn’t understand us yet. We finally decided to go to the hospital and see the doctor. The doctors and the nurse helped Mommy go “All Jedi” and out you came. And that is how you were born. 

Later this evening while we read “I Am Wonder Woman” for a bedtime story we read how Wonder Woman was formed from a lump of magic clay by her Mother. I said in passing – “Wow the same way Loki was born!” Mad Dog laughed and Lex asked for more details. That is a whole story for another time and I’m sure Mad Dog is working on her folklore.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 31, 2010.

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