Coming to an Outlet Store Near You! NOT!

Anyone will tell you I can cook. I’m not saying I’m going to be Top Chef or anything, but I am fairly confident in my cooking skills. My sewing skills are a completely different matter all together. I’m terrible. I just have not skill. I have attempted many time over the years to learn. Each attempt if it involves my Mother and Grandmother ends in them fighting over how things should be done. There is a lot of yelling.

Luckily for me Mad Dog has some mad sewing skills. He made the curtains Lex’s room and had made the previous ones in Gabrielle’s room when we lived in Chicopee. He has made several Halloween costumes for both of us, and Lex. He will using his skills this Halloween too with Lex’s request that he be Superman and Loki be Batgirl. The plan is to go old school, not only in that we are making the costumes ourselves but also in the look going for the 1960’s Batgirl from the Batman television show and the Man of Steel from the 1950’s Superman television show. I will be the stylist to this designer, I will make them look good and work on any props they need.

So I don’t sew. Today I did. I have been wanting to make Loki a purse for her to carry around with her. She likes putting things in to bags and putting it on her shoulder to walk around. I have recently went shopping at Jo Ann Fabrics to pick up some fabric for a project for Loki’s Birthday Party, which means I have fabric in the house. I set out today to make a little bag for her. Again I have no skills, though I do know who to thread a sewing machine since my Mom and Grandmother would have me do it since I could see better (at least I learned something). With the kids down for a nap I set to work. I won’t say it pretty on the inside, but I will say it will serve the purpose.

It’s lined and the complementary fabric is featured inside and out. I used an old button I had and a “D” loop to make the clasp. I think if I actually planned it out I could have done better, but I was working through issues as I went. I’m happy with it and Loki seems to like it. Oh, don’t worry about calling Vera Bradley she has nothing to worry about.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on September 19, 2010.

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