Adventures in Senior-sitting

Photo by Sandra Fletcher 

Family is important to me, because of this I make myself available when a situation requires my assistance. This means helping to plan surprise weddings, changing tires and even if the occasional “Senior”-sitting job.

My Grandmother, better known to most people as Nana, now goes by the title Nona (for Lex and Loki) is 93 (I’m sure if I’m wrong my brothers will correct me). She lives with my Mother and her husband Stuart. From time to time my Mom and Stuart need a little time-out from Nona care, when they do they ask my brother Kevin and his husband, Brent, or Mad Dog and I to stay at the house. Sean of course gets off the hook since he is in Fort Lauderdale, however I’m thinking on his next visit up to Massachusetts we might have to plan a weekend to Maine where everyone goes except him and Tiffany so they can take care of Nona (that will go over big, huh?) Kevin and Brent have been great, taking most of these mini-vacations, which we are grateful for since a stay at my Mom’s can be a bit trying at times.

Photo By Sandra Fletcher

Why is this? I think there are several factors. The kids for one. When Lex and Loki enter the Mansfield house, it’s like the enter a high energy vortex. Now, I won’t deny my children don’t have a high energy level on a normal day, but put them in that house and you’re looking at the warp speed. I don’t know why this is, but what I do know is within and hour of being there I’m ready to rethink parenthood. It could be that they get bored here. At home the move within their own environment, where they know what they can touch and what is off limits. Yes they get in trouble at home, but here they are always in trouble.

Photo By Sandra Fletcher

 Another factor is indeed Nona. She is going a little deaf, at least according to her she is. The rest of us might just say that she a) is deaf as a doornail and b) has selective hearing. Both play into the heightened tension of the day. The kids running around excited, louder than usual and then the television which hits 62 on a good day. This noise along with the repeat questions, the constant snack-giving and the concerns about the kids actually breaking her hit fast and hard after 3 hours of them climbing all over her. I also have to act as translator for the kids with her, since she doesn’t understand a think Lex is saying even when it’s clear as day. The UN doesn’t have to deal with issues like this. They love her. Lex in fact is always very concerned about her and who is watching her. Like yesterday when Mad Dog pulled into my Mom’s driveway:

Lex: Where is Sandy’s car? (Yes, my fault Lex calls my Mom Sandy from time to time).
Mad Dog: She’s at work. She’ll be home soon.
L: Where Papa Stuart’s car? (He does get that right, which probably kills my Mom).
M: He’s in Maine.
L: Where’s Nona?
M: In the house.
L: Who watching her?

Photo by Sandra Fletcher

Very sweet, this continued when we went to Build & Grow this morning. Worried that she wouldn’t be watched. The last factor in Indiana, my Mom’s dog. The kids like him well enough and he loves the extra food he gets when their around. However Loki is not his biggest fan, especially when she is eating. This usually ends with Loki screaming at Indiana “NO!” and hitting him in the nose to keep him away. Oh and I complete forgot Mad Dog – he is allergic to Indiana. He doesn’t stop sneezing until about 4 hours after we get home from my Mom’s. Though no fault of his, this gets old after the 5th group of 20 sneezes.
Where does this leave me? With two children in time-out most of the day, a old woman who I have to make sure doesn’t sneak them snacks and a dog which might be heading to pound before the end of the weekend. Drastic? A bit, but I’m just about done and I still have to get through bedtime.

Right now things are calming down. Lex is sitting on Nona’s lap in the living room watching Ice Age II on DVD. Loki for the most part is keeping to herself. I’ll start bedtime in few. Loki has heard my thoughts and kicked Lex off Nona’s lap and exiled him the love-seat. Indiana is eying Loki’s abandoned cheese sandwich on the table and I just want to finish this post before Mad Dog finds me curled in the fetal position in the corner.


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