Pretty in Pink?

 Once the summer was over, I started the process of fixing up Loki’s room. The plan was to have this completed prior to the start of summer, but that just didn’t happen.

I started with collage piece featured in Freeze Frame. The second project was Loki’s dresser. It was an hand me down from Mad Dog’s sister. The dresser itself was nice enough, but very boring. I picked a great color called Raspberry Tart from Lowe’s Valspar paint line. After applying two

coats of paint I sanded the edges giving it a little bit of a “used” look. I would like to rough it up a bit more, but for now I’m  happy with the results.

The hardware was the next change out. I wanted crystal/glass knobs for the top draw, but found they were a bit more expensive than I wanted to spend. While shopping at Lowe’s during yesterday’s Build & Grow outing, I found one I liked, but again if I was going to be paying $4.00 per  knob and pull handle I wasn’t going to be happy. I decided to move on from the crystal/glass and just find something I liked. Mad Dog and I talked selected black for the hardware. I liked the I idea of the hard contrast between the paint and the hardware. I felt chrome or stainless steel might just wash away with the strong color. I knew if I found a shape I liked I could aways by a can of spray paint and make it work. That is what ended up happening. I found draw pulls on clearance, very old school pulls for – wait for it $0.32 each. Which in my head meant I could purchase the crystal pulls I wanted. I picked up a can of black satin spray paint and I was on my way.

Since we were at my Mom’s this weekend I spread out new paper on the deck and spray painted all the pulls, including the centers of the knobs which were separate components. When we finally got home my priority once the kids were settled was to put the hardware on. Since the pulls were different sizes than the holes on the dresser I had to drill at least one hole for each pull. Lex and Loki of course wanted to help, to the point where Loki lost the chuck for the drill (Mad Dog found it when he got home).

The dresser has been in place and in use for the past week and is now complete. On top its a photo of Loki and her siblings at Christmas last year, along with her solar powered owl friend that I purchased at Paper Source. On the other end of the dresser is Loki’s lamp with her new black Ikea lamp shade and her mini-pumpkin which we got at Red Apple Farm. Behind the dress which is mounted on the door and came with the apartment and on the wall hangs Loki’s original piece of Raven (Tiny Titans) art work painted by Franco. Perched on top of the painting is a small wall decal raven.

The next project is to replace the book cases in the room – oh and the clock. The clock was butterflies, but since the room has gone to the birds it needs a revamp. I am currently working art work to go over her bed, but it’s not finished yet (and I’m not sure how I fell about it). All in all I’m happy how things are coming. The room is just enough girl, just enough rock n’ roll, just enough comic book and just enough Loki to make us all happy.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on September 26, 2010.

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