Project: Knights of the Nightstand

Now that Loki’s dress is complete (Post: Pretty in Pink) I can move on to my next piece of furniture. It’s a found nightstand that I plan on cleaning up for my side of the bed.

I started today by sanding it, but it’s going to need a lot more of that. Though I didn’t get very far with it, Mad Dog and I did address the missing draw front. I had planned on not bothering with it, but we might just reverse the draw and add a pull. I think I will still need a little trim to clean up the bottom of the draw front, but that should be easy enough.

Are you wondering what colors I’m going to use? I’ve had those picked out for months now. Though Mad Dog and I have a difference of opinion regarding what goes where, I’ve selected to paint the outside of the stand Boysenberry (Vlaspar # CI129) and the inside Grecko (Vlaspar #CI236). If Mad Dog was reading this he would ask, “what are those colors?” Boysenberry is a deep purple and Grecko a limey green. A bit loud? Sounds perfect to me.

I’ll keep you up to date on this one. I’m hoping to be good about taking photos to document the project, but we all know how that goes.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on October 3, 2010.

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