Moving on Up!

Change isn’t always a good thing, but in the case I’m about to tell you about it is. This past week due to some issues with our “friends” on the first floor, we thought it was best to move Loki’s bedroom to the back of the house near Lex’s. This meant that we had to do some serious rearranging.

Mad Dog and I took Tuesday to clean out Loki’s room into the living room and the kitchen. No small task, but sadly the smaller of the two tasks at hand. We still had to move our room into Loki’s old room once cleared out. Now like most parents our room is the catch all for anything that doesn’t have a home and even some stuff that does have a home. Needless to say we were not looking forward to the move.

Along with all Loki’s stuff we had to move out Gabrielle’s bed and “The Stuff Animal” collection. All this moved into our kitchen, making lunchtime impossible. Once cleared out we started the movement of our furniture and “junk” into our new room. In the process we donated clothing, books and even got ride of some stuff that some of us were just holding on to for no reason (and some wrong reasons). We reorganized our books, DVDs and clippings (both Mad Dog and I have huge collections of stuff we pull from Magazines – I will admit mine is bigger than his). 

To make a long story short we managed to move and set up both rooms  by Tuesday night bedtime, finding that they were a much better fit. Issues: we lost our satellite hook-up in the process since we didn’t have any rooms except the front living room our bedroom wired (thank you first floor!). Mad Dog and I have had to readjust to having our bedroom away from the laundry room, but it’s been a small adjustment.

Loki on the other hand has had no issues. She slept well the first night and has ever since the move. She is enjoying her new surroundings and finding live in her new big girl’s room is just fine. Lex’s still wants to know why his room hasn’t moved, but he’ll get over it.

In the next few months there will be additional changes. We will be cleaning out some of “The Stuffed Animal” collection, going through the closet in what is now our bedroom and possibly painting the old bookcases which are currently in Loki’s room to give them a new live.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on October 10, 2010.

One Response to “Moving on Up!”

  1. Those first 2 photos make it look like we should be on Hoarders!

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