Leaves, Tricks and the Dead

Kids are asleep, wore out from all the fun at Nana Sandy’s house today. Trick or Treating was a success. Now it’s just time for a quick post and The Walking Dead.

We packed up and head out early this morning for a little fun at my Mom’s house before lunch/dinner and trick or treating with the kids. Mad Dog took of for a bit to meet up with our favorite Book Man (co-host of Books on the Nightstand), while the kids and I helped with the leaves. The kids got into it and I’m happy to say no on managed to get injured even though both are not licensed wield rakes. They jumped and raked and I even gave them rides in the wheel-barrel.

I gave my Mom a copy of Stephen King’s Bag of Bones for the All Hallows Read. I love this book and have the audio read by King himself, and I can’t recommend the audio enough (AMAZING!). She is just finishing Under the Dome which we loaned her so I thought it was rather fitting.

The costumes were finished before we made it to Mansfield. I made each child a treat bag from some red bandanna fabric I purchased for something else. I also found the drive to make the boot covers for both kids form felt last night which worked out perfectly. We were very happy with the costumes and the kids were very excited about wearing them, though Loki really liked the Woody had to start with.

We hit the neighborhood early and hit about 10 houses, visiting some of my old haunts. I even took time in the cold to read some of the telephone poles, but that is another post.

I’m off the be scared out of my wits! I’m sure if anyone wishes to call me after The Walking Dead, I’ll be up for several hours watching some kind of happy film: Bring it On; Spice World; etc.

 One last time Happy Halloween All!


~ by Cute Fan Girl on November 1, 2010.

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