Little Super Models and I Felt that Food

My list of projects since the passing of Halloween has grown longer (oddly enough). With the holidays coming I have many things to get done, some with specific deadlines and others without.

Within the last week I have started gearing up to make some Christmas gifts for Loki. She is getting a play kitchen from Santa (I picked it up on clearance in January/February of this year) and though she has a bunch of play food, I thought it would be fun to make her some. This completely started with the idea that I would make her some felt ravioli. Very simple and cute all at the same time. I made a run to Jo Ann Fabrics earlier this week and picked up some felt and found that they had Simplicity patterns on sale 5 for $5.00. I picked up a great pattern, 2445, which happens to be for play felt food. At a dollar I couldn’t not buy it, even if I can’t sew I would get through an eggplant or cupcake if it killed me.

Along with the play food I have fallen in love with a blog called i am MOMMA – hear me ROAR! . She does all kinds of amazing things with old t-shirts, fabric and stuff. I first noticed her blog when someone reposted her project called : Upcycled T-shirt Dress. I had to make one for Loki. It’s easy. You even sew together the seams on the outside to give it that messy patchy look. I rummaged through stuff of mine, Mad Dog’s and even Lex’s (mostly Lex’s). I found a Star War onies that was 24 month that I could cut. The top would fit Loki, but she wouldn’t be caught dead in a onies now – so here come the scissors. Snip, snip. Then I pulled together a few other t-shirts, stained and just thing a little to boyish to put her in.

During our errands today I stopped at A.C. Moore and picked up fabric paint, stamps and thread. Once Mad Dog left for work and the kids were eating lunch I started cutting. I stamped two of the shirts with different foam stamps I picked up and then broke out the sewing machine. I’m happy with the end results, though I wish I had Mad Dog’s 10 Things I Learned from Video Games t-shirt to cut up. Damn I was a week too late! I would love have a picture of my lovely Loki wearing it to show you how cute she looks, but Miss Thing was not in the mood for a fitting, nor was she up for a photo shoot (Tyra doesn’t to put up with this from her models). Maybe tomorrow if her Heiress is up for it.

After the dress was done I moved on to my felt food. I started with the ravioli since I new that was simple. I sewed little squares of felt together and stuffed them with a little poly-fill. Using pinking shears I cute the edges. I then moved on to the bow tie pasta. Cutting rectangles with regular scissors and then using the pinking shears on the ends I folded them in an accordion. Then by hand stitched the center. I am planing on making a little box from poster board or foam core for them.  I have to pick up a little more of the cream felt to make some more, (I purchased a 1/4 of a yard of this felt instead of buying the squares since it was a little heavier weight.)

Next up were the strawberries. Since Loki loves the berries I thought this would be a wonderful addition to her kitchen. I have to find a little container for them, or I might build one out of popsicle sticks (which I bought today for projects with the kids). The strawberries came from the Simplicity pattern and were made from 9×12 pieces of felt and embroidery thread. I’m very happy with them. 

What else am I planning? I am making an eggplant, squash, and carrots. I have to poke around the internet to see if I can find any other ideas. That was Saturday, tomorrow I am hoping to work on the Giddy-Up Horses for the kids. I have everything for them now that I picked up the right size dowels from Lowe’s (thank you for trying Mad Dog). I have to get as much done as I can, since next weekend is a only one project day (our Saturday is INSANE! – but all good). Rather than be blogging I should be cutting, sewing and creating. Or maybe I can get in a little Civ 5 before Mad Dog gets home. Oh decisions, decisions…


~ by Cute Fan Girl on November 14, 2010.

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