Woman Dies in, in Car Avalanche

Quick post before this falls off my radar. Mad Dog is always giving me a hard time about how the inside of my car looks. I am not a neat freak and most certainly I don’t change my ways just because I’m in my car. Since I usually have the two kids with me, with driving back and forth to daycare, work, and everything else I don’t always worry about what I throw on the floor of my car.

This drives Mad Dog nuts. He will take my car (when he drives it) and clean it out. This has even been a topic of discussion with other Husbands at the gas station that deal with (and do this for) their pig-pen wives.

Last weekend we were on the road and happen to come up on a car that caught our attention. From the back you might think they just had some “stuff” on the back-dash of their car. You know where I mean, the place some people put stuff animals, let their dogs sit or even let their kids climb on. Anyhow, the back had some paper on it, and then we noticed as we pulled up next to it, it was more than just “some” paper. The car was FULL. I mean with the exception of the driver’s seat, which was occupied by the driver it was full. The back seat was completely covered in junk and I don’t mean like they were moving, coming back from vacation or the laundry mat  – this thing was completely filled to the top of the doors and then some. Paper, books, STUFF. We couldn’t believe this. The passengers seat was the same way (can you imagine the trunk?). She was reading (or at least carrying) Mind in the Making , a book that will help your children reach their fullest potential – if their not dead in the backseat , from the avalanche of junk you heaped on them, as well as a copy of Barbara Bretton’s Shore Lights (really now?).

I took one look at this and turned to Mad Dog. “Not a word about how my car looks, until it looks like that!” He laughed.

(The photos I took were taken on a second pass. Mad Dog let her pass us, so I could get another attempt at a photo. I was nervous about taking them, without her seeing me since I didn’t want her to think we were doing -exactly what we were doing. Which was looking at the FREAK SHOW!)


~ by Cute Fan Girl on November 14, 2010.

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