It’s a Marshmallow Winter

Black Friday is nearly here. For those of us who do not work retail we might not realize the time and preparation put into making it go as smoothly as possible. Weeks ahead of time there are notices from Corporate Offices, larger shipments of product which have to be unloaded, stored or stocked in the same stock rooms that have been bursting at the seams with everyday stock and of course decorating for the holiday season. This process starts earlier and earlier each year for some stores. Retail can be demanding in general, but put the added stress of the holidays in play and Soccer Mom’s strung-out on getting the perfect toy for little Bobby and you have a recipe for some yelling, crying, pushing and even maybe some disappointment.

I don’t go in for the Black Friday excitement. I don’t get up at the crack of dawn or stay up overnight waiting in line for something that will be a 1/2 the cost it usually is. I just don’t do it. Partly because I’m a Black Friday Widow. My Mad Dog works Black Friday. He works very hard to prep for it, and he is good at what he does. I will admit, as the 24th of December comes closer I did enjoy the craziness of the shopping when I worked for Barnes and Noble. Being a Community Relations Manager at B&N, the outreach to the schools stopped during that time of the year and we were reassigned to other areas we were needed. I work many of my shifts as a “Line-Manager” directing people to the next available register, helping people with Gift Card selections etc. I did this the Holiday Season I worked at B&N 8 months pregnant with Lex. I loved it. I enjoyed chatting with customer, listening to the stories and hearing them interact with other customers. Mad Dog thinks I’m insane, but I liked it. Since I don’t go in for the insanity myself, I got to live it through them. 
As part of Black Friday festivities, Mad Dog and his staff have a little pot luck in their back-room. Everyone brings in sometime, giving people a chance to eat something good, without braving the food court with the holiday shoppers. Mad Dog is making his World Famous Family Recipe Stuffing again this year. I am sending something sweet to keep them going. Sugar is alway a bonus during this season. I made Marshmallow Lego Men Pops. Lex is very excited about them, and asked if they were “ALL going to Daddy’s friends?” I promised him some would stay home for him and Loki. 
To start with I cut the mini-marshmallows in half with my kitchen sheers. I thought I was going to have to attach the mini-marshmallows to the tops of the big ones with chocolate, but they were sticky enough to adhere themselves. After dressing each big marshmallow with a mini-marshmallow nub I put them each on a Lollipop stick. Since I didn’t have a Styrofoam block to push the Lollipop sticks into I used me plastic strainer . I can angle the sticks so that the marshmallow heads float in the air not touching anything. Melted the Yellow Melts with a little Crisco (add about a 1/4 Tbsp until you get a smooth consistence). The Crisco helps make the chocolate smooth and fluid to dip the marshmallows in. I melt the chocolate in 30 second intervals until it is smooth. I then start dipping. Oh before I forget use a deep bowl for this chocolate, it makes it easier for dipping. Dip each Marshmallow in all the way. and then tap off the excess chocolate while turning the pop. This will help make an even coat. 
Once the pop is complete coated, place it in your drying rack (Styrofoam block or in my case the strainer) to dry/harden. Continue on until all the marshmallows are coated. Let these dry and harden. Then melt some dark chocolate using the same thing with the Crisco, you won’t need nearly as much chocolate for this part. If you have mad pipping skills you can pip the faces, but if you’re like me just use a paint brush (only used for food) or chopstick. Give each pop a Lego face. Dots for eyes and a mouth. Let this dry and then place them in your Lollipop Bags. You can use the twist tie or buy ribbon to tie them off. 
These little Lego Marshmallow Men will be going to the hard working staff of the Burlington Lego Store for Black Friday. I wish the staff polite and pleasant customers, wonderful sales and a Happy Holiday Season. 

~ by Cute Fan Girl on November 25, 2010.

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