Deck the Halls with Books and Novels

‘Tis the Season, right? I mean it really is that time of year again. You know which one, the one where you get completely stressed about what to buy people. You start thinking am I buying this for them or for me, will the let me borrow it after they get bored of it or he won’t like the color so I might be able to wear it after January 1st. Come on admit it we all think that from time to time.

Personally I’m feeling very good this year so far, with the exception of my Step-Daughter, Gabrielle, every Christmas is a huge challenge. But this year I feel really good about Mad Dog (no sorry, I’m not going to tell you what I got him – he reads my blog). I feel each year I cop-out with him. He can be extremely easy to shop for without even trying. If you don’t know what I’m talking about I’ll give you too words: Comics and Books. Both are very easy last minute pick-ups for Mad Dog, and a person (ME) could easily fall into the habit of just shopping in a bookstore or comic book store for him. Not that this is a bad thing, in fact I am a firm believer in giving books as gifts. This is not only important for kids, but the grown-ups too. Each year, my brothers and I make the mad dash to pick up the most recently Danielle Steel hardcover for our Grandmother.

If you’re looking for a good book for someone in you’re life, you can always ask a bookseller at your local bookstore for a recommendation. You’ll be able to tell the good booksellers from the possible holiday help, they’ll ask you the right questions and usually steer you to something they have read themselves. If you don’t trust the young kid behind the counter who is only recommending Twilight, I suggest you check out my good friends at Books on the Nightstand. I’ve mentioned them before.

Michael Kindness has been a friend of mine for like 14 years now, he was the original “Book-Boy” in my life before I met Mad Dog. In those 14 years he has recommended, given and loaned me some of the best I have read in my life. Though I don’t know Ann Kingman personally, I have taken several great recommendations (and passed them on to other friends) from her on the Books on the Nightstand Podcasts. Because ‘Tis the Season, Books on the Nightstand has put together the 2010 Books on the Nightstand Gift Guide. The PDF Download contains recommendations in an array of categories such as: Food & Drink; Fiction; For the Comics Fan; History and The Arts. The Guide ends with an great check list, and even marks gifts under $20.00.

In the gifts For the Comics Fan, they recommend American Vampires Vol 1. by Scott Snyder and Stephen King, which I read, loved (thank you again Michael!) and will possibly be giving for a gift this year. As for things I want to check out from their list:

Gift the love of reading this year to someone in your life and someone outside your life. Each year Barnes & Noble (and I believe Borders too) does their annual Holiday Book Drive. These books go to local organizations that distribute them to kids and families in need. While doing your shopping pick out your favorite children’s book and give the love of reading to someone who it might really shape the future of. Last year Barnes & Noble customer’s donated 1.1 Million books to children in need. Another way you can reach out is by finding a Literacy Charity this Holiday Season, like Read to Grow, Inc in Connecticut. They have a great program called Books for Babies, since reading even at the earliest age is important. 
If you love reading and it’s an important part of your life, extend you’re love, but giving a book, a donation or even take the time to go read to the elderly. Each word, each line will foster a love of reading, inspire an imagination and might open a closed world to someone who can’t see to read anymore. I hope everyone has a Happy Book Giving Season!

~ by Cute Fan Girl on November 26, 2010.

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