Christmas Doesn’t Start with Cookie, it Starts With Lists

Everyone has Holiday projects, whether it’s making gifts, decorating for the season, getting the house ready for holiday guests or just your everyday projects. I have been working very hard and trying to get stuff knocked off my list, but it seems it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. A friend of mine said I might just have to let some stuff go. I know this is true, but I’m going to try to bang out as much as I can this weekend and for the next few weekends prior to Christmas. Here is some of my “To Do List” – oh and I know if I would get off the damn computer I would get a hell of a lot more done.

  • Holiday Gift Tags (to match out wrapping paper)  – 12/4
  • Pot Holders/Oven-mitts for Loki’s Kitchen (gift from Santa) – No happening
  • Apron for Loki’s Kitchen  – 12/18
  • More Felt Fruit / Vegetables / Food: Strawberries, Chilly Peppers, Ravioli, Bow Pasta  – 12/12
  • Ducky Moo Moo Stuff Animal (Surprise for Lex) – No happening
  • Scan Family Photos for Mom (PRIORITY) – 12/4
  • Address Christmas Cards (If Mad Dog gets the rest of the addresses I need) – 12/12
  • Tree Garland (all most done) – Really haven’t gotten back to this.
  • Graham Cracker Houses with the kids (No Gingerbread since they won’t eat it) – 12/4
  • Holiday gifts for the kids God Parents (can’t tell you what, since they read the blog – but promise pictures after the holidays) – 12/11
  • Glove Squires for my Mother-in-law – In Progress
  • Decoupage Bird House for my Mother-in-law – In Progress
  • Curtain for Loki’s Kitchen -12/18
  • Finish Local Gift Giving Idea List for Local Food Blog (almost there)Put snowbanks on my Lego Town (they’re scheduled for a Northeaster this weekend – Guys go by Lego bread and Milk at the Green Grocer  and La Patisserie) – Mostly Done, but didn’t get posted in time. 
  • Chocolates for gifts – 12/18
  • Special Christmas Ornament for a special kid – 12/4
  • Hang Shelf over Gigi’s Bed 12/14
  • Wash Gigi’s Sheets/Comforter – 12/14
  • Frame Gifts 12/11
  • Wreath – Not Happening
I know I’m missing some, but that is a start.

~ by Cute Fan Girl on December 4, 2010.

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