December 11th: Our Birthday Girl

On December 11th a little girl came into our lives. Her name is Loki Chihiro. Tomorrow she will be two. Somethings you should know about her. Other than that, please enjoy the photos and see how she has grown the past 2 years.

She love peanut butter sandwiches.

She can kick Lex’s ass.

She’s a Daddy’s Girl.

She can talk when she “wants to”.

She’s fearless!

She’s a tiger trapped in a little girls body.

She loves strawberries more than anything else.

She’s got ninja skills.

She can sit through a whole movie in the movie theater with no trouble.

She doesn’t like “little” dogs.

 She doesn’t like when Lex touches her.

She is ticklish all over.

She love doesn’t know who she loves more Buzzy or Woody.

She doesn’t know Daddy is building a tower for her as we speak.

She is named after the Norse God of Mischief.

She like looking through Daddy’s Comic boxes.

She has the power to make it snow in Fort Lauderdale, FL (ask Sean).

 She has a rock n’ roll heart.

She is completely independent.

She has a temper that could rival Mount Saint Helens.

She has been to her own comic book collection.

She is my sunshine.

She is Lex’s Best Friend.

She said about 20 new words tonight, when Lex asked her to say them.

She has blue eyes.

Her middle name means “A thousand questions”.

She can put her coat on over her head.

She can walk up and down our stairs with no help.

She love Maine.

She is beautiful and full of sweetness.

She doesn’t like chocolate.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on December 11, 2010.

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