L is for Lovely and Loki

Today was Loki’s Birthday. She turned two. Because we’re thick into the shopping season and Mad Dog had to work part of today, we started her birthday festivities off early last night. While I was at work Friday, Mad Dog made a chocolate cake for her birthday. The plan was I would pick up frosting on my way home from work along with an added gift since Lex decided he had to wrap something for his baby sister.

When I arrived home Lex and I slipped away to wrap the Tangled book I picked up for Loki from Lex. He did a good job helping wrap the gift. After that my plan was to tint the frosting I picked up pink, but realized when I was going through my cake gels I didn’t have a pink so violet was the back-up plan. Violent Violet. If this it’s not a rock n’ roll shade of purple I don’t know what is. Lex and Loki helped put the finishing touches on the cake. They both worked very hard on their individual sections of the cake. We managed to hold them off for a few minutes while Mad Dog and I put our pizza’s in the oven, since neither of us had eaten yet.

We all sang Happy Birthday to her, and she managed to blow out her candle. I think she was a little confused about the whole thing, but I’m not positive. After they had cake and Mad Dog ate some pizza she opened presents. Lex of course wanted to “help” which in a 3 year old’s world means open them all by himself and maybe allow her to play with them by the time she is 18. This didn’t fly with Mad Dog and I. We repeatedly had to tell him to stop and at one point Mad Dog had him sit in his lap and held him to prevent him from interfering in her opening of her gifts. For her 2nd birthday we decided we would get her a baby doll. I selected the Fisher Price Little Mommy Sweet as Me Doll. The doll is not a baby, but a toddler which measures 14″. Along with the doll she got a little stroller and a feeding set for her doll, which came in a bag with bottles, a bowl with spoon and fork and a burp cloth. She fell in love immediately. We still haven’t named the doll yet, but she is very well loved. Loki takes her for walks making sure she is strapped into the stroller. She feeds her and tells the doll to blow her nose when she holds the burp cloth up to her face. Lex of course wants to help and like most protective young mother Loki won’t hear of it. She yells at him anytime he touches the doll and cries if he tries to leave the room with it. Last night the two went to bed (the doll and Loki) and we heard Loki talking to it in her crib well after Lex has fallen asleep.

Today after morning errands and Build & Grow, Lex, Loki and I went to Mansfield to my Mom’s. The kids got to see Nonna, Nana and Papa as well as Uncle Kevin and Uncle Brent. We had a little birthday cake for Lo-Lo and Uncle Brent made cupcakes (STRAWBERRY ones) for Loki as well. She had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the Happy Birthday singing this time.

On the way home the three of us picked up McDonald’s and ate when we got home while we watched Sprout. Both kids got to stay up a little bit to watch Frosty on TV, before going to bed. Loki took her doll and they were tucked in together.

It’s so odd to think it has been two years. She is such a little person of her own. She has so much personality and is very head strong. Mad Dog will sarcastically say he doesn’t know where she gets that from (as he looks directly at me), but I guess if there was anything I wanted her to have it would be a strong will to be her own little person. I’m enjoying this time with the kids, this age where they are becoming little people and seeing how different they are from one another. I can’t say we’ve raised them exactly the same, because I see that there are things I would have not stood for with Lex that I see myself ignoring with her.

But none of that matters, what matters is today my little girl, my baby is two. She is another year older, smarter and prettier. Happy Birthday Lo-Lo. I love you Sunshine.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on December 12, 2010.

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