A Snowman’s Dilemma

Okay this will be very quick, but I had to post this. Last night I stopped at Whole Foods in Bellingham on my way home from work. After picking up a few things I needed I checked out their Bakery. If you haven’t done this before YOU SHOULD. They have the most amazing bakery.

I picked up this cupcake for Lex. How cool is that? They had other ones, a Santa, Snowflakes,etc – but a Snowman with glasses I couldn’t pass it up. The cupcakes are $3.99 each and huge. Lex loved it, and Mad Dog and I got to steal little pieces off – it was yummy. Even the next morning the few little pieces left in the bowl where moist.

You’re probably upset with me since I said I got one for Lex and not Lo-Lo, huh? If you know our Loki, you know she is not a cupcake girl or anytime of sweet treat girl really. I picked up a little container of mixed berries for her. The selection has strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. She enjoyed them as much if not more than Lex enjoyed his cupcake.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on December 18, 2010.

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