Christmas Top 25: Part 1

With the craziness of the holiday season on us, I thought I would put together a few highlights – good, bad, funny, annoying, etc regarding our season this year. My thought was that it would be a kind of Twelve Pains of Christmas, but there were going to be far more than twelve. Since today is December 18th, I will list 18 of the final 25. I would like to note that some of these relate to myself and Mad Dog, but some are just things I couldn’t pass up from friends. I won’t be explaining all of them, but you can always ask me when you see me – I’ll be happy to explain. I do hope you enjoy, they are meant in the kindest way.

  1. Sending Mad Dog to American Girl for a dog (D-O-G) and getting a GOAT. 
  2. The Forgotten Elf on the Shelf (or my version the Shelf on the Elf) – was a hit for like 3 days and now he is possibly a CSI crime case.
  3. A Breakfast Happy Ending
  4. Christmas Socks 
  5. Cupcake Aprons – Thank you Secret Santa!
  6. Trying to explain to Lex it’s Christmas we’re waiting for not HALLOWEEN.
  7. Lex handing out Mellow-pops to Lowe’s Employees.
  8. Our LEGO holiday gift! (Read all about it in O’ LEGO Tree)
  9. Listening to The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore – gets me in th Christmas Spirit or the Zombie Spirit (no wait that was The Walking Dead)
  10. Trying to get Loki to sit on Santa’s Lap at Bass Pro Shop. NOT!
  11. Knowing I’m getting an iShuffle for my audio books! WOOHOO! No Bounce, No Play!
  12. Customer who don’t have their VIP Cards, their receipt and want the world. (Sorry Mad Dog – remember the “Happy” customers will come back soon).
  13. Employee discount requests.
  14. Waiting for flight information regarding Gabrielle’s arrival only to find out she doesn’t have a return flight AGAIN! (Coming this Tuesday for those wanting to know). 
  15. Christmas Card “shopping” to get the best deal, discount or as many free. Mad Dog thinks I have a black board out back with all my calculations and NASA want to learn my secret. 
  16. Having my Brother call me at 11 o’clock at night to ask if his nephew actually gets erections at age       31/2.  -Oh and then asking him if he really called me at eleven o’clock at night to ask me this, because he just interrupted Mad Dog and I were having sex and he was on top of me and…(he hung up at that point). Merry Christmas Sean – I think you’ll find you can’t fit a bow on that one! (Mad Dog – don’t even go there).
  17. Making Graham Cracker Houses with the kids (Check out: I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Gingerbread). 
  18. Going into Whole Foods for some cheese and a little seafood and coming out $36.00 dollars lighter. However I will say the cupcake – FABULOUS; the crab cakes – PHENOMENAL  and Loki eating and LOVING her berries – PRICELESS. 

~ by Cute Fan Girl on December 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Christmas Top 25: Part 1”

  1. So you never answered my question.

  2. So you never answered my question either way. You just freaked me out even more. First im told that it is possible for my 3 1/2 year old nephew to have erections, so I call the one authority who could possible DENY this for me, and allow me to sleep easy and not be totally freaked out. And what do to you do…freak me out even more…THANKS ALOT…

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