Christmas Around the Campfire

A special Christmas Eve treat we are going to enjoy tonight will be Smores on a Stick thanks to the wonderful people at Craft Magazine for sharing this wonderful idea. The project originated on White on Rice Couple. They pops are very simple and a wonderful way for me to us my torch which doesn’t get much use these days.

Their recipe as a little more complicated than my process, but it was the same idea. I simple melted some Wilton Chocolate Melts with a little bit of Crisco in the microwave. Then I dipped each Marshmallow in the chocolate and shook off the excess before putting it on the stick. I then sprinkled the chocolate with crushed graham crackers before letting them sit on a plate. Tonight before we enjoy them I will toast the Marshmallows with my torch, warming them and giving them that gooey campfire yumminess.

We’re betting the kids will love them if they all live to see Christmas Eve. They are currently fighting in the other room – at least Lex and Gigi. Ahhh…the Christmas Spirit. Well I’m off to make sugar cookies for Santa.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on December 24, 2010.

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