Don’t Kick the Baby!

This time of the year is full of giving and gift cards seem to be the choice for most people these days (giving or receiving). From department stores to restaurants, and the movies to online time the gift card has become a bigger (more acceptable) fall back gift than the bottle of alcohol these days. Kids even ask for them. Gabrielle’s Christmas was made up of the absolutely ridiculous and gift cards. She received a onslaught of bookstore gift cards this year, which were completely practical for her however far less exciting to open and play with than say a toy.

Mad Dog and I love gift cards, most importantly the ones that allow us a possible night out together (not that we don’t like it when we get something that we can do with the kids). The challenge here is we usually get a gift card or two for dinner out or a movie, but then we are stuck trying to find a sitter. The best gifts come with a built in sitter. Last Christmas my Mom gave us dinner out with an offer to watch the kids when we wanted to us it. This was life saver.

This year we received a special gift from my brother, Kevin and brother-in-law, Brent. The gift was made up of Gift Cards (see the connection to the beginning of the post) and a special offer. “1 Night Baby-Sitting Voucher”. Can you beat that?

This I think comes at a time where both Kevin and Brent feel that Lex and Loki are at the age where they are …Hmmm…I don’t know what word to use, but lets say I think Kevin and Brent feel that they won’t break either of the kids at this point if they were left alone with them. Which is completely fine with me. I can understand people not wanting to babysit an infant if they are not around infants, know infants and if they are possibly terrified of breaking said infant. I know that Brent mentioned that to me once about Loki. I also think Lex and Loki are completely comfortable with both Kevin and Brent to have a whirlwind time with them when they do babysit. This was an extremely thoughtful gift, which we are grateful for.

Oh, for all you jealous parents out there – it has been pointed out to me by the presenters that this voucher is non-transferable. Sorry!


~ by Cute Fan Girl on December 27, 2010.

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