2010: Closing of the Year

Yesterday morning we started off the last day of 2010 with our annual trip to Boston. Mother Nature was nice enough to grant us wonderful weather, keeping it warm enough that we wouldn’t have runny noses all day long.

    Rather than give you a play by play of our day I think I will include photos from our trip (only a few) and review what we learned over the course of 2010.

    • We learned that Lex is a big boy and can be potty trained. 
    • I can have my own library card. (Mad Dog is happy for his since now he has his 10 reserves back).
    • Loki isn’t over her carsick thing. 
    • That you shouldn’t call me at 11 o’clock at night without a REALLY good reason (ask Sean). 
    • We learned that my friend Steve Himmer will be published in 2011. I’m looking forward to reading The Bee-Loud Glade, now if I could just get him to do a personal audio version for me.
    • That Mad Dog can BAKE! You name it he’s trying it and very good at it. 
    • That if you stop focusing on something, it’ll happen. Blessings come when they’re ready. Congratulations to Stacy, Jim and soon to be Big Sister Mary! 
    • That Loki can turn into the Red Hulk if she is mad enough at Momma. 
    • That even an American Girl Doll can’t get Gabrielle motivated. 
    • Tornado’s do hit Maine sometimes.(We’re Not in Kansas…What the Hell?
    • That you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you and then complain about it. 
    • Gabrielle can fly on her own when her Mother forces the situation.
    • That good Podcasts due exist and can last more than a month. Congratulations to Books on the Nightstand for making it to 100+ podcasts. 
    • I can step up and be strong (physically and mentally) in a bad situation, like being in a tent in a terrible storm with my two little ones. (Read: Almost Perfect Storm)
    • I can sew! I’m kind of shocked by this too. (Read: Little Super Models and I Felt that Food)
    • That the first floor of our building is cursed and we will never have good neighbors. 
    • I’m 35 and I’m okay with that. Lets see how Mad Dog does with 40 this year? (Read: Celebrating 35)
    • That Lex can write his name all on his own – oh and it’s Big L – Big E – Big X, no matter how many times Miss Kim tells him otherwise. 
    • I can still have a girls night out in the city. Thank you Stacy (and Mad Dog too)! (Read: Going Straight with a Chaser)
    • Loki can talk, when she wants and given time. 
    • You can fry anything if you have a fairground and some oil. (Read: I Fried It, Because I Could)
    • That going Local can be fun, hard work and rewarding. (Check-out: Cute Fan Girl Goes Local)
    • That the “Damn Cat” won’t die! 
    • That “sock” make a bad day good! (Mad Dog insisted I put this in. – Stacy stop laughing!)
    • That part of the reason I love LEGO so much is because they don’t MAKE NOISE!

    Super Model Loki
    Setting the Tone for 2011

    Ice Sculpture – Boston Common
    Seafood Mac & Cheese!
    Ice Cream Happy!

    ~ by Cute Fan Girl on January 1, 2011.

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