It’s 2011

It’s 2011 and we have a new home on WordPress, a new look and possibly a new frame of mind. I said possibly a new frame of mind, don’t expect this to be a promise we’ll see what the year has to offer.

Why to move from Blogger to WordPress? Mainly out of my frustration with posting on Blogger. I don’t like that posting photos becomes far more of a battle than a pleasure. Honestly it was like putting the kids down for a nap. Okay so we’ve moved to a new blog site what else is going to happen in 2011?

As I stated last year, I’m not keen on New Year’s Resolutions (Read: 75% Past the First Week). However I would like to make some goals for myself this year, I will call them goals, not resolutions because we all know how that goes. Welcome 2011, we’re ready for you. I hope you’re ready for us!

Goals for 2011


  • FRIENDS: Make more time for my friends. I need to find a better balance between my busy life and what is important. I tend to get stuck in our routine and forget to make time for the important people in my life. I want to make a serious effort to see our friends (from one end of the state to the other – and around the country) more often if possible.
  • BABY BOOKS: I know this seems a little late, huh? I hate the traditional baby books that are out there. I have been planning on doing something cool and unique for sometime and this year I’m going to do it. I have purchased some of the materials I will need to start and I know what I’m going for. What now? Starting! These “Books” will be a very unique, handmade gift to each of my children to cherish.
  • SHAPE/HEALTH: I had been working on this last year and until the stress of the summer was doing well. I have to refocus find a way to relieve stress without forgetting what is important. I want to eat healthier and Cute Fan Girl Goes Local does help with this, but I need to make a bigger push.
  • READING: I listen to a lot of audio books while working, but I have lost the enjoyment of curling up with a good book. I have started to get back into it, and I hope to push this through the new year.
  • COOK MORE: We cook a lot already, but I want to learn more techniques.


  • WINTER ACTIVITIES: I want our family as a whole to be more active during the winter months. I hate that we hide inside all winter long waiting and hoping for an early spring. As a family we need to make the most of the mild weather in our winter and get outside and enjoy it. I hope by next winter we might even have snowshoes for all of us for some winter sports.
  • DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: This is Mad Dog’s hope. I can’t say much about this, since I guess the first rule about Disaster Preparedness isn’t to talk about Disaster Preparedness (Hmmm…I wonder if the members know the members of Fight Club?)
  • PURGE: We need to get rid of stuff we don’t need. We have been doing this, but I think we have to take it further. I want to get rid of old toys, clothes, furniture and other things we don’t need anymore.
  • LOCAL: We did a lot to go local in 2010. I want to document more of this for our family in 2011. I want to know how much we are buying local and how much we are not.


  • CONFIDENCE:  I want to work on Lex’s confidence in things, he writes himself off too easily sometimes saying he can’t do something. I want him to try things that are difficult and find that he can do them himself.
  • NUMBERS/LETTERS: We’re going to work on his counting, his letters and everything that goes long with them.


    • TEMPER: I would like to work on controlling Loki’s temper a bit more. She needs to learn how to calm herself down and not get so worked up for a little girl.
    • TALKING: She is already getting better and better with this, but it is completely out of stubbornness that she doesn’t talk. I want her talking and communicating by her next birthday completely.
    • POTTY: Oh yes the little girl has a lot to do this year. We are going to get this one down if it kills us. Sadly I know it’s going to be more difficult than with Lex. And they say girl’s are easier?

    ~ by Cute Fan Girl on January 1, 2011.

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