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Over the holiday I worked on a lot of little projects, most of them gifts which I couldn’t share at the time. This blog post it dedicated to all my mini-projects from the holidays. I’m sorry to say I don’t have photographs of everything completed, since I just got caught up in the excitement of being finished with something.

Chocolate Felt Donuts

As part of Loki’s Christmas Gift from Santa this year, I made a lot of felt fruit and vegetables. Though I want to teach her to eat her veggies and fruit I know the truth of the matter is that she is more likely to a donut. She is sweet after all (sometimes).   The donuts didn’t make it until Christmas, since Lex caught on to what I was making and stole them to play with. The donuts were made using the 9 x 12 felt sheets that can be picked up at any craft store. For the sprinkles, I used embroidery floss. I used a bowl to trace the circle and in the case of the chocolate donuts I traced a cap of something in the kitchen. The inside of the donut hole was hand stitched.

A mini project of mine was the mini donut ornament. I have a friend who’s husband works for a Dunkin Donuts franchise and they have a daughter. I though a cute addition to their tree would be this mini chocolate frosted holiday donut. After making it I wished I had scrapes enough to make ones for my munchkins.

I had made several references to making a special ornament for a special little boy. That would be the Jack

Holiday Sprinkle Donuts

Skellington ornament I made for another friends son. He loves The Nightmare Before Christmas and how could I not encourage that! I had been thinking of away to make some kind of felt ornament or something of Jack and the easiest way was to make his very graphically designed face. The hardest part was stitching the mouth just right. I received a wonderful Thank you note from the little boy and that made it well worth the little bit of work and time this project took. I returned to this project once again to make two additional ornaments for gifts to Loki’s Godparents, my brother Kevin and my friend Blue. Both being fans of the film I knew they would enjoy them.

Another project was a photo frame project I did for my brothers who are also Lex’s GodFathers and for my friend Blue for a birthday present from Loki. I picked up simple square wooden frames at Michael’s. Honestly they were only a dollar, but the finished products were fabulous (yes, I’m patting myself on the back)!  I took two different approaches to these frames depending on the person I was making them for. In the case of Kevin and Blue’s frames I went the comic book graphic look. I started by searching threw my boxes and boxes for comic books, which I use for

Boston Cream/Sprinkles

art (these of course are separate from our actual comic book collection). For Kevin I found a beautiful Batman Confidential cover. For Blue’s frame I had wanted an American Vampire cover, copies of which I had set aside for just this purpose but couldn’t local no matter how much I searched. I ended up using a Batman Mad Hatter comic cover.  I painted the frames a base of black. I then took the cover and using my paper trimmer I sliced off small strips, careful to keep the paper strips in order for reassembly. Once all the pieces were cut, I used Mod Podge and carefully reassembled the image on the frame. I left small gaps between each piece. When the whole image was complete I trimmed the edges with a exacto-knife. I then placed a full coat of Mod Podge over the piece to seal it. Sadly I didn’t take a final picture of either frame once the process was complete.

In the case of Sean’s frame, I kept the image whole. A while back Blue had given me a great old children’s song book to use for such projects. The books had wonderful old illustrations and text (mostly music and lyrics). In the book there was a beautiful illustration of General Washington surging into battle. With Sean’s love of American History, this was

Mini Donut Ornament

the perfect image for his gift. I simply cut the image from the book and adhered it to the frame using Mod Podge. This time I had to be careful to smooth out all the air bubbles. I then trimmed out the edges of the frame with navy paint.

Moving on to simple painting project, I picked up a resin owl ornament at Target. The thought behind this was to make it as a gift for my Secret Santa at work. The resin owl started life out very plain, nothing but light brown or  dirty white. Using Acrylic paints I brought the sad owl to life, painting in bright vibrant colors and giving him a dry brush of gold illumination.

Jack Skellington Ornament

The last project was a Glove Squirrel. I honestly believe this project originally came from the Martha Stewart Kids Magazine she had ages ago, but I can’t seem to find it. Either way it is posted all over the internet (like here). I don’t have a finished image of the squirrel, but I can tell you my mother-in-law loved it.

Painted Wood Frame

Comic Cut Strips

Piece in Process








Covered Frame

Washington Frame








Painted Owl

Painted Owl (back)








Glove Squirrel (In process)



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