Building & Growing by Leaps and Bounds

Today we (I should say Lex and Mad Dog) attended Build & Grow at Lowe’s while Loki and I did some shopping at Target this morning. I have talked about Build & Grow before and find it to be an amazing program which I completely support and would recommend to any parent.

Over the holiday season I made it a point to thank the staff of the Worcester Lowe’s for their on going support of the program and the great job the staff does to make the kids feel special at each event. Since I’m not a baker (as we all know) I made chocolate covered marshmallow pops as a small thank you and wrote a letter expressing our thanks.  We brought the box of sweets to our last Build & Grow of 2010. Mad Dog took them into the store with Lex, where upon Lex handed several staff members pops with a personal thank you and Happy Holidays. It was very cute.

The letter that accompanied the package of treats and a picture of Lex was as follows:

Dear Lowe’s of Worcester Team,

Our family would like to take this time to thank you and most importantly the staff members that made up the 2010 Build & Grow Team for a wonderful year full of friendship and learning.

Your support of the Build & Grow program is a vital tool to the children of our community. The program not only develops essential fine motor skills, but also encourages self-esteem and gives the children a sense of accomplishment.

We have been attending clinics since March of 2010 and we cannot tell you how excited out son Lex is each week there is a workshop. We have attended one event at another Lowe’s store, due to family scheduling issues and based off that experience I would like to assure you that the Worcester Lowe’s  staff is a shining example of what the program should be. The staff of the other store was uninterested in interacting with the children, were unhelpful and didn’t seem like they wanted to be there. Week after week the Worcester Team has shown a friendly and professional attitude towards the parents and children who attend. They take the time to learn the names and faces of those children who return week after week, giving the kids a warm welcome at the beginning of each week and a cheering “good job” upon completion of their project. Lex glows when we are walking through the store and a Team Member calls out a hellow to him using his name.

Our family and most importantly Lex thanks you for a wonderful year and we are looking forward to 2011, as well as a time when our daughter will be joining in the fun. We hope the staff and their families have a safe and happy holiday season.


Lex and The Gendreau Family

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but at the Lowe’s in Worcester Lex is a bit of a celebrity. He is well know by most of the staff and as I said in the letter has been know to get shout-outs as he walks through the store, he also is big on giving hugs to his “friends”. Today however was a bit different according to Mad Dog. When they got to Build & Grow Lex had to get a new apron since his other was filled with his earned building badges. We dated this apron so that we will have one for each year he attends. Everyone was friendly as always, but Mad Dog did think they were even more attentive to Lex today. Team Members came over and checked on him several times during the build and chatted with him. When they finished up, the went up to get his badge and certificate of achievement, which each child gets when the finish their project. At that point Mad Dog said both Team Members got on their phones and made a calls, before asking if Mad Dog and Lex could wait a moment because the Store Manager wished to speak with Lex. Lex (and Mad Dog) was taken to the Store Manager’s office above the store, so that the Store Manager could meet their “Best Builder”.  He thanked both Lex and Mad Dog for coming each week and participation in the program.  He then presented Lex with a Red Toolbox Hanging Bird House Kit. Lex was so excited since he received Red Toolbox tools for Christmas. He, of course said thank you and then asked Mad Dog if they could build it.

It was a wonderful (surprising) start to the new year.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on January 8, 2011.

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