Build It & They Will Come

My Duplo Creation

What do you do when you’re home because of the snow beside shovel the snow and blog? If you live in our house you build! Today since the family was home together (Tuesday is Mad Dog’s day off with the kids) Lex thought we should build Duplo buildings. He actually drove Mad Dog nuts until I finally made it home. Which by the way I was greeted with a “Momma, why did you go out there?” when I opened the door after my 3 hour drive. My response: Because I’m stupid. Anyhow we dumped the two large Duplo bins on the floor and each grabbed a base plate.

Mad Dog helped Loki with her creation, since she was far more concerned about the Duplo animals than building. They built a vertical Zoo. My creation Lex said was a store, but it was a well equipped store – it had a cannon! Lex’s building which I helped with after I completed my building was a “big house” for all his animals (the few he could get before Loki picked them up) and this people.

All the creations are still standing this evening. The Duplo people are happy with their city.



Mad Dog & Loki's Zoo

Lex's Big House

Our Duplo City


~ by Cute Fan Girl on January 18, 2011.

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