Let It Tow, Let It Tow, Let it Tow

This is one of the posts that most likely people will totally understand what I’m talking about or will think I’m completely mean/heartless.

With the snow piling up here in Worcester (it stopped here about 1PM today) over the last few weeks there should have been a lot learned about snow shoveling etiquette, parking bans and neighborhood solidarity. Mad Dog and I share very different views when it comes to some of the shoveling etiquettes and I know that is completely due to the fact that our neighbors don’t understand that if everyone does their part (even just a little) it won’t be so bad.

During the last storm we watched as people from different walks of life almost got into a fist fight over snow shoveling. Honestly people! Can I see I.D.’s please? If you are old enough to own and drive a car, you are old enough to understand if you shovel snow into the street the plow will push it back to where you shoveled it from. Another point is don’t go pissing of the nice person who was generous enough to shovel out the hydrant directly across the street from your house.

I won’t even go into the shoveling out of spots and the saving of the with chairs, which personally drives me crazy. If people shoveled out their individual spots there should be enough for everyone to park for the most part. Also if you own a house with a driveway and a garage – USE THEM! Don’t be an ass and have every person you know for miles around come park and stay at your house when you know that parking is a serious issue. It’s really bad form.

Lastly if there is a parking ban try to follow it. Yes, I know it’s a pain and I know it becomes a hassle to park far from your house and walk if you can’t get a good spot, but if you park on the side of the street that is restricted, well how much more inconvenient will it be when your car is towed. That is the towing charge, the ticket you most likely will get on top of that and the hassle of getting your ignorant ass to the yard to pick it up. By not moving your car you ruin the chance for everyone else to have a clean street which will release the parking ban (hopefully sometime this winter) and will allow people to park on both sides.

This was not the case for our neighbor downstairs. This person did not understand that their parking on the wrong side of the street was an issue or if they did they didn’t care. They also didn’t have the respect to answer the door when our other neighbor took the time to knock (LOUDLY and OFTEN) and tell them their were spaces they could move, so that the City of Worcester could clean the street properly for all of us. No they didn’t heed the warnings or follow the rules. What happens to people who don’t get it? Please refer to the previous paragraph. I’m happy to say that the lovely WPD stopped by, checked out the car and then about 10 minutes later a beautiful tow truck came and took our problem away.

Yes, it’s terrible that this single Mom will have to deal with the hassle of going to get her car out of impound lot, will have to pay for the towing, the ticket and the time to do all this, but honestly she couldn’t take a moment to answer the 10 minutes of knocking that took place to tell her she could move her car. We all know she wasn’t going to shovel out that space out after the storm. She was going to wait to see Mad Dog do it like the 4/5 spots he shoveled out just today.

Mad Dog has took it on himself to shovel the spot I originally pulled into, a second spot that he backed into (closer to the house), and then finally two additional spots across from our house to again move the car. He then shoveled the junk the plow left on our side of the street in front of our walk behind the damn car that was parked illegally (prior to towing). Part of all this shoveling is completely to keep me from going out there and doing it myself. I have been informed that “shoveling is man’s work”. Ladies don’t freak out at Mad Dog. He loves me. This of course was something that was not disclosed to me in our time courting or before we had kids. This might have been a point of contention with me. I don’t think that I am incapable of doing, what I think is that he knows I can do it better. Either way we have done our part for the street. I’m about to go out now to shovel out the hydrant and the walk. Remember be kind and kindness will be returned.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on January 18, 2011.

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