Morning Commute

Mass Pike - 01.18.2011

If you live in New England you know you’re going to have to drive in the snow. If you don’t like to or don’t think it’s necessary to know how to drive in the snow then honestly you should move. Me? I don’t mind it much, but I will say that I do have my limits regarding the amount of time I will suffer doing it.

In Worcester we currently have the 22 inches we received last week and now we are getting more snow. The Weather Men tell us that the storm will switch over from snow to sleet/rain in several hours, which has yet to happen (it’s 10:30AM as I write this). Since the storm wasn’t going to be too bad, I had ever intention of going to work this morning. It’s Tuesday and I’m lucky that I don’t have to worry about taking the kids to daycare on Tuesdays, but I did have to get myself out the door.

I headed out at 7AM. My trip usually takes me 45 minutes with no extra stops to daycare. I knew heading out it was going to be slow going. To start with it seems our government didn’t feel that we needed to plow the roads today. Routes

The Street Home

146 and the Mass Pike (between 146 and 495) were terrible. I called 511 which I personally love to find that there were delays due to a previous accident at exit 11A in Millbury. No big deal, right? WRONG. Once I hit stop and go I called 511 back to find that the slight delays had turned the 15 minute segment of highway into a 2 hour delay. 2 hours? Okay, I live in New England and even better I live in Worcester which is not only the Hellmouth, but were God decides to dump all the snow he doesn’t know what to do with. “No, don’t put it on Everest. Put it in Central Massachusetts.” I slowly made my way to 495 – moving 5 mph.

After about 2 hours in the car I managed to get to 495. Before reaching exit 11 I called 511 again. This time to check the status of 495 South. They were stating that it was 95 minutes from the Mass Pike to 95. That is double the usually trip at the very least. Though I had already made the phone call to work, that I was turning back it wasn’t until I actually got to the tolls that I made that call. The 495 South ramp as backed up and the south bound traffic was stopped. At that point I thought about the trip home and the possible hours head of me in the car. I might have braved it if I had gotten a coffee, but the future didn’t look very bright at that moment.

Our Street - Looking Up It

I headed north up 495 to 290. Since there is no easy way to get back on the Pike and the fact that I-90 West wasn’t looking any more hopeful than I-90 East bound. 290 West wasn’t much better than 146, I-90 or 495, but it was heading home and moving. The drive took another hour for a road that on a good day you can do in 18-20 minutes. The last mile to our apartment is always the most challenging. I had to make a call how I would approach the house, since the hill to our house can be unclimbable. I challenged myself to enter our street much earlier on not climbing the large hill, but taking a gradual ascent. I had some fishtailing and some curses but all in all I was very happy that the section of our street I entered from had been cleared out. I believe this was due to some of the warehouses at the early part of the street. Once at the apartment I found one of the last 2 parking spaces on the odd side of the street. Our Parking Ban has been in effect since last the Friday before last (Jan 7th).

I’m home after 2 hours in the car to travel less miles than it would have taken me to travel my complete commute to

Our Street - Looking Down It

Mansfield. While writing this post, it looked as if the snow had stopped, but at one point I had gone into the kitchen to help Mad Dog with something and found that it was snowing hard. For now I’m going to go help Lex build a Lego City which he has been begging for help with since I got home. I’m thinking I’m going to put on the Star War Trilogy (the original of course) and make this an educational day for the kids.


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