No Sticks. No Stones.

I was planning on writing a little more about this, but to be honest the way the week is going and the kids are behaving right now (a little cabin fever) it looks like I’m going to make this more of a public service announcement.

January 24th through January 28th is No Name-Calling Week.  Barnes & Noble has become an official partner with the GLSEN to help combat bullying. To prepare for the week, Barnes & Noble will have No Name-Calling materials available at their Educator Appreciation Week events held from Jan 15th to Jan 23rd. Also will feature exclusive video content from their bestselling children’s, young adult and adult authors discussing their thoughts and experiences  on bullying. Check out the Celebs and Authors speaking out against bullying at

This is a great idea and program to support. Parents can find additional resource information to assist with a discussion on bullying at home at THIS LINK. BN also has links to a list of recommended books on the subject for: Children, Teens and Parents/Educators.

Remind your children they have a voice, that for every Mean Girl there are 5 kids just like them facing the day. It’s hard understand when you’re a kid that thing will get better, that standing (what feels like) alone isn’t the end of the world but what makes them stronger. Support them in every way you can. When I was a teen I spent a year of my life “alone” with few friends and outside the walls of a clique or group of friends. I spent a lot of time with my Mom during that year. My Mom asked me often if I would rather walk to my own beat or follow in the footsteps of others. I wanted my voice to be heard. As a parent now I want Lex and Loki to know they are individuals, that the negative nature of the world, of other children and even sad/ignorant adults out there can’t hold them back, can’t extinguished the brilliantness of the light inside them.

For those out that who were those bullies, the name callers and were the dark presence in someones life – take a minute to think about those you hurt, to understand why you felt you had to be that person and maybe take a moment to do something to support No Name-Calling Week. Your children will learn from you, if you have not changed, grown up and moved on then you need to see that it possible that you are creating the next generation of bullies, stick and stone throwers. What would you do if your child was at the other end, if they were living in fear, heartache and pain because of someone you once were? Don’t let any other parent find out the answer to that question.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on January 19, 2011.

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