Snow: Not Just for Kid Anymore

Guess what we have in Massachusetts and we will probably be getting more of? Not that hard huh? – SNOW. We’ve currently received some 38.3″ of snow this January and that only puts us at number 3 in the top three snowiest January’s (#2 – 1996 39.8″ and #1 – 2005 43.1″). What the hell! Lord knows what February will bring us.

I guess as grownups we forget what it’s like to be a kid. Right now we’re more worried about where to put all this white stuff, if we have parking, what happens when it melts, when the next storm is coming, who’s going to shovel and if we can get to work safely. We forget that all this white stuff is a ton (right now it is literary) of fun.  We don’t really pray for it, because most of us don’t get a “snow day”. This year has been the first year that Lex and Loki have had the full experience of snow. With our visit to my Mom’s last week they had time to play in the huge snowbanks that tower over my childhood driveway. Lex  loved it and would stay outside for hours if we let him, whereas Loki is okay to look for a little bit, but after ten minutes she is happier to go inside.

Thursday evening when I got home from work I dressed the kids in their snow cloths and we went out for some snowy fun. Lex took to climbing the snow banks and had me worried if he made it to the other side and got stuck what would I do (dress pants + 6 foot snowbank = not happy). Loki stuck to the driveway and didn’t like it when I put her high up on a frosty throne. I wasn’t as dressed for the snow fun as I would have liked, but they had fun without me. Amazingly Lex was very brave and stood high put on the snow banks for photographs, he even begged me to build him a snow fort.

Here is where I am very upset with myself. I chickened out here. With the snow fort thing I mean. When I was a kid we would dig huge snow forts into the large snowbanks that banked each side of my parent’s driveway. Digging snow caves to do battle with other neighborhood kids. Now my almost four year-old son asks me to help him do something I did on a regular winter basis as a kid and I say “Why don’t you ask Daddy.” What is wrong with me? Where did I go? Who is this person saying no? Oh wait I know – it’s the Parent Kim. The Mommy Kim. It’s like a little switch that flicked on: What if it collapses on him?  What if they get stuck?  What if…what if…what if.  What the HELL! I know I’m a parent and I have to be responsible but do I have to kill the fun?

Needless to say Mad Dog dug a tunnel in the snow for Lex the next day. Lex was very excited, then scared and then excited again. He loved it and after Mad Dog sent Loki inside with my Grandmother, Lex played for and additional 20 minutes in it. I think if we stay down there again, I’m going to have to get in there and show him just what Momma can do. I have to find my inner childhood spark and remember that snow isn’t just a pain, but an adventure waiting to happen. I’m sure at the rate we’re going with the snow we’ll have plenty more chances to to play, build and grow.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on January 29, 2011.

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