Electric Youth!

Since Christmas I’ve been toying with the idea of doing something with Loki’s Christmas dress. Our rough and tough little girl put the dress through the ringer and it was either heading for the trash or a little up-cycling. Either way the dress has been sitting in our bedroom waiting for inspiration.

Today while I was picking up a few things at Target (I was by myself – which was wonderful) I checked out the kids clearance section. I thought if I could find a cheap top I could use to convert the Christmas dress into something a little funky or maybe something to make another Up-cycle T-Shirt Dress from I would be happy. I happened to find an electric blue toddler dress which I thought might just work. This was not something I would think to buy Loki just to wear, but for six-dollars I could play with it and not feel guilty.

I brought to dress home and my goal today was to make something with the two garments. I had an idea of what I was going to do,

but I honestly didn’t know exactly how I was going to accomplish it. I started by removing the top of the Christmas Dress (which was sleeveless) and the extra bead work. I had Loki try the dress on so I could pin the length I wanted and then I cut the blue dress. Taking the top “t-shirt” part of the dress for the new dress. I then cut the bottom ruffles again with the idea I would use it for the new dress. The middle section of the fabric was placed in my bedroom with the plan to put it to use in another T-shirt dress.

I sewed the blue t-shirt to the pink skirt using our sewing machine. I had removed the tulle and underskirt with the plan to reattach it later. If you sew or make your own clothes please feel free to stop reading since I’m sure this whole process will make you throw-up in your mouth. Even with all the sewing I did this fall/ early winter, I know nothing. I think I might look at taking some books out of the library to at least give me a clue of what I should be doing. After attaching the top to the skirt I added the blue tulle to the tulle removed from the inside of the skirt. I then hemmed the bottom of the skirt and added the tulle pieces to the inside.

I am planning on buying Loki some Electric Blue tights from We Love Colors to go with her outfit (I only had black for her today). It’s not a bad attempt, but it could have been a hell of a lot better. I think it has a little bit of an 80’s edge. She loves it, in fact I couldn’t get her to take it off. My next piece will be another Up-cycle T-shirt Dress, I have the blue fabric from this, a Teen Titans T-shirt and I’m trying to get Mad Dog to give up his Labels Are For Jars: Geek shirt which is falling apart. One or two more t-shirts and Loki will be rocking a new look.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on January 30, 2011.

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