You Give Love a Bad Name

Last year I started sending Photo-Valentine’s Day cards to some of our family. The cards are usually made up of photos I’ve taken of the kids goofing off and being …kids. This year I did another one sitting Lex and Loki in out blue chair for a photo session and I captured some great pictures of the two of them both together and apart.

The main reason for these cards is to send out love to our immediate family and show how the kids have changed in the short time from Christmas to Valentine’s Day. Of course my Mom, Grandmother and Brothers are included in this, as is Mad Dog’s Mom. This year I am in a dilemma. Though I usually send a card to Mad Dog’s Father and Step-Mother this year I don’t know if I want to. My usual reasoning for sending the cards is to remind them what their Grandchildren look like, since they come to visit them so rarely, but I think I’m now at the point that I don’t care. Doesn’t that sound heartless or wrong? Maybe, but I don’t think it matters anymore to me that they are in Lex and Loki’s lives (even the little bit they are now).

In the past few weeks things that I was pretty sure were thought or said about me have been confirmed to a certain degree. With our recently car issues Mad Dog’s Mom took the opportunity to  poke his Dad, to help us and for her own enjoyment to torment him. The out come of the conversation was completely as expected, and though I was not happy that it even took place, she did call him out on all his B.S. His claims that they come out at least once a month and that they have helped us out dozens of times (for the record ONCE!) all fell flat and she called him on each and everyone of them. Most of this information was conveyed to me by Mad Dog via his Mother, however from a recent conversation with Mad Dog’s Mom there was a lot more said concerning me.

This stems back to our Christmas in 2009 – Yes that long ago (You can read up: 50% Off All Holiday Traditions and Drama). I guess my Facebook comments which caused us to disconnect from Mad Dog’s Step-Sisters on Facebook have held strong over the last few years. I’ve been tagged as “terrible” and think that if he (and they) read my actual blog (Road to Nowhere) they would honestly not be bothering us even with their bi-yearly visits. (Don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind to send them a copy. It has.) I guess my dilemma is why should I bother? I mean this isn’t my Father however I know that they are Lex and Loki’s Grandparents, but they don’t respect that relationship even. Mad Dog does not expect me to send them anything, if fact he doesn’t understand why I have bothered in the past. I think I might have too much Miss Manners ingrained in me or is it because of the title they hold in the kids lives. If that is the case it is just a title.

Both Stuart (my Mom’s husband) and Dennis (Mad Dog’s Mom’s companion) have stronger, friendlier relationships with both kids in comparison to Curt (Mad Dog’s Dad). Loki who doesn’t usually go near Curt will sit with Stuart and Dennis for hours, playing and being silly. Curt thinks that because Lex gets excited to see them, everything is good but if he knew Lex, he would know Lex gets just as excited to see the Lady that works the changing room at Target each week when we see her. In the next few years we will undergo the same issues we have with their relationship with Gabrielle. They hound her to stay with them, have sleepovers and spend afternoons with them – she won’t. She won’t even pretend to consider it – they are so far from her and the actual relationship they have with her. I doubt Lex or Loki will ever stay the night there, as they do with my Mom (Gabrielle included).

I guess I will see how I feel later in the week about this whole subject. Right now I’m thinking an empty envelope would be a more appropriated statement on the relationship.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on February 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “You Give Love a Bad Name”

  1. I’m done trying to get them to be a part of the kids’ life. You have my support regardless of what decision we make. They have great grandfather role-models in Dennis & Stuart.

  2. […] inner-struggle regarding sending a Valentine Card to Mad Dog’s Father and Step-Mother (See: You Give Love a Bad Name). I decided not to send one. Having said that I honestly didn’t get around to sending any of […]

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