I Can’t Think of a Title…It’s The List

Over the years Mad Dog and I have made a joke of “The List”. If you don’t know about “The List” it references back to an episode of Friends where they consider a list of five celebrities which would be on their “freebie list”, people they could sleep with without anyone getting upset. It started out with friends saying I had a thing for this actor or that actor (Matt Damon ends up being mentioned, which is just not true), most of them jokes and completely untrue. Now its just a running gag with Mad Dog and I, with Mad Dog teasing me about how I bumped one from the list to add someone new. Since I’m bored today, I thought I would put down my list in blog form. Mind you this is my list right now, 2 months down the road it could change or maybe it won’t – you can never tell.

I’m listing them in no particular order.

Kenneth Branagh

I don’t think this is a big surprise to friends that have know me for a long time. Born in December 1960, actor/director Kenneth Branagh hails from Belfast in Northern Ireland. Yes, he is currently 50, which seems to be able to age most of the men on my list are (yes I like older men).  In college I sat through 4 screening of his adaptation of Hamlet that has a running time of 242 minutes (yes – you got it 4 hours plus each viewing) and would have sat through four more if I didn’t have to go to classes. Currently I’m watching him in Wallander a British television series adapted from Swedish novelist Henning Mankell‘s Kurt Wallander novels. What is it about him? Okay I’m a pushover for most accents (Scottish, British, Irish, etc.), I love his voice also I think he’s pretty easy on the eyes. I think Mad Dog might be okay with Mr. Branagh since he recently directed the new Marvel movie Thor which is due to release in May 2011.

John King 

A native from Massachusetts,journalist John King was born in Dorchester in August 1963 (age 47).  He attended New England schools such as Boston Latin School and earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Rhode Island. He currently hosts John King, U.S.A week nights at 7PM on CNN. He was the man with the Magic Wall during the 2008 presidential election which helped the months of political television and commentary a little more bearable for me.  Some people have a thing for Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper, but I’m a John King girl.

Timothy Olyphant

The youngest of the five gentlemen at 47, Timothy Olyphant has always lingered on/off “The List”. My first real memory of him in a film is Go, where he played drug dealer Todd Gaines, after that I kind of kept an eye out for him in things. In 2003 the stars aligned and I got Mr. Olyphant and Stephen King all mixed up in one with the film Dreamcatcher, which is a guilty pleasure I love. Recently we watched the HBO series Deadwood, where he played Seth Bullock and then moved on to the new series on FX Justified (which I miss the last 5 minutes of every time we watch since I’m so exhausted). I’m not usually into cowboys, but damn!

Alan Rickman

I’ll follow the youngest with the oldest of the group, Alan Rickman. Born in 1946 (age 64) in Hammersmith, London he has a voice that makes me melt. He has played so many of my favorite characters in film including Hans Gruber (the villian in Die Hard) and  The Menatron (Dogma). Mad Dog would say this he goes with my thing for “Bad Boys”, which could be said about  Olyphant and maybe even Branagh, but I don’t think so. A few months ago I curled up on the couch and watched The Winter Guest his debut as a director starring Emma Thompson. He is one of my favorite actors and I love just about everything he does.

Neil Gaiman

This one I met! Sadly he wasn’t on the list at that time, but I did meet him (with Mad Dog). Author Neil Gaiman (age 50) is one of my favorite authors and again he has an AMAZING accent. For years friends had recommended his books to me and I just didn’t think he was my cup of tea. When the chance to go to a book signing for his novel Anansi Boys came up I tagged along with Mad Dog and my friend Blue. He read the second chapter of the novel to the audience and I fell in love. After that I listened to American Gods I was completely hooked. His audio recording of The Graveyard Book is nothing short than brilliant. He also has a connection to the comic industry, being best know for the Vertigo The Sandman series (which I have to read still). Again this is one that Mad Dog might be okay with since I wouldn’t be surprise if he doesn’t have a man-crush on him.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on February 8, 2011.

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