It’s Not Home Without Mad Dog

I’m starting this post on the evening of Saturday, February 5th, but the post won’t be finished this evening. Why? Tomorrow Mad Dog leaves for this Managers Meeting and I will be a single parent for a few day. For safety reasons I will not be posting this information until the end of the week when he is back home with us all. I bet you’re thinking he’s lucky, getting to leave all this snow behind – NOT! The meeting is being held in Springfield, Massachusetts a hop-skip-and-a-jump from LEGO North American Headquarters in Enfield, CT. Only about 30 minutes from Worcester.

I have decided to write an on going post to document my week with the kids. I can honestly say I’m not looking forward to the week. I don’t like when Mad Dog is away and he doesn’t care for it either. It is what it is and though we don’t like we know it’s only for a short time. Tonight we’re finishing his costume for the traditional Lego Managers Meeting closing costume banquet. This years theme is – space. WOW – way to go LEGO, there is some real creativity. Mad Dog got his geek on and has made himself (with a little help from me) a Derek Wildstar, of Star Blazers, costume from a chef’s jacket and white uniform pants he purchased on Friday. I took time tonight to make him a custom gun holster (for the Han Solo Blaster I detailed a few years ago) from Loki’s too small vinyl jacket. I’ll post pictures when he comes back with it – it’s sweet.

On Sunday he is planning on picking up a few odds and ends for the house so I don’t have to make any special trips out or stops during the week. He is also so wonderful, that he feels the need to sort all the kids clothing and lay them all out for me. I don’t ask him to to this, but he knows that every little bit helps. His departure time is sometime tomorrow afternoon, but he is still unsure how he is going. This means for the most part it will be like a normal Sunday for the kids and with the only exception that I will go to bed alone. I’m planning on signing in to this post throughout tomorrow to jot down thoughts, feelings and anything exciting to note. I might just have to ask the kids some questions during the week to see what they think of this whole thing.

Sunday, February 6th:

Mad Dog got up early this morning to head into work to take care of something before leaving for the week. As for our morning, Lex joined Mad Dog and I in bed sometime in the early morning without us knowing, but laid quietly after Mad Dog left watching television next to me in bed. Loki slept in to an amazing 7:30 AM. Once I was up and had coffee in me I made donuts for the kids. Lex has eaten like 5 to 6 mini-donuts. He is currently explaining to me that his belly is “almost” big. Bouncing his belly into my leg he exclaimed his belly goes “BOOM”. Both kids too time out of their busy morning terrorizing to make Mad Dog a card for us to hide in his backpack for later. I have to pause here to referee a fight breaking out in the bathroom.

Saying good-bye was tougher than I thought today. I don’t think it’s bothered me this much before. Maybe its dealing with the snow, parking, neighbors downstairs and being without Mad Dog that is making it hard this time.

The kids were in bed on time and in their own beds. Mad Dog is always amazed when I don’t give in and let them sleep with me when he is away. I found time to catch the Super Bowl half-time show, which if you missed it really sucked. I’m sorry to say that, but it did (and I really like the BEPs).  Right now I’m going to curl up in bed and watch a Wallander episode, since Mad Dog is away Kenneth Branagh will have to do (Hmmm..might have to add him to “The List”). There is a debate going on in my head if I’m going to drive out to Western Massachusetts tomorrow night after work with the kids to spend the night with Mad Dog at the hotel. I’m seriously thinking about it. Only thing that is holding me back is not knowing what  to do with the kids for the day out there.  I don’t have the mental power to weigh the pros and cons right now. Maybe after I sleep on it.

Monday, February 7th:

Last night went pretty well. Loki was up twice and I didn’t sleep through it. This is of course Mad Dog’s biggest concern when I’m home alone with the kids at night, because I sleep through everything. The first time as at 12:51 AM and the second time she was up at 2:51 AM. The second wake-up call ended with a 10 minute visit to Momma’s bed, before she went back to sleep in her own room.

On the way home from work I picked up McDonald’s at Lex’s request. We got a parking space right in front of the house, which was pretty sweet and we’re in for the night. While the kids ate dinner and watched Sprout, I read email. A dear friend of mine lost her Father this week (See: Memories, Prayers and Strength). Reading the email was hard. I feel so sorry for them. Mad Dog and I talked briefly. He is worried about me, since there are correlations between this death and my Father (also the time of year). I’m okay, I just feel sorry for them.

Tuesday, February 8th:

Home with the kids today. Do I really need to write more? Only Kidding, but I am sort of glad we had snow/slush last night into this morning and I don’t have to go anywhere which is a plus. Kids got up and I set them up with breakfast and Handy Manny so I could go outside and shovel/move the car closer. Though we were in one of the three spaces just across the street from us, I would rather have the first space for a number of reasons. I was shoveling with Mustang-Man (that’s one of the guys who lives across the street from us). Give you a guess what he drives? It’s heavy snow today mixed with slush. I managed to shovel out the spot and move the car up. I didn’t do much extra since the stuff is so damn heavy. I’ll go back out later and do a little more, but for now I’m good.

Kids are painting. Lex has been begging for days to paint and I gave in today. We broke out the watercolors and paint brushes. Both Lex and Loki love to paint, but Lex has grown far more critical of his work. Nothing is perfect and he is always starting over. Loki on the other hand has a free spirit, as long as her hands stay clean. I find that Lex is all about shapes right now, maybe I have an Architect in my future. Heres to hoping.

It’s 12:30 PM now. OMG has the morning gone by so slow. The kids said they were hungry at 10:30 and I thought it was lunch time. Guess it’s just Second Breakfast. Rest of the day went well, along with baths and bedtime – well at least for the kids. I got sick, throwing-up several times before finally going to bed. I hate being sick when Mad Dog isn’t around, I feel helpless.

Wednesday, February 9th:

Woke up not feeling much better. Still I managed to get us all out of the house, get gas and to daycare. Email from my Mom let me know that she got a call from my cousin, saying that my Great-Aunt is in the hospital. She has some internal bleeding, though they have no idea what is causing it. Another thing to worry about. Work was work, and anyone who knows what it’s like right now will understand that statement. I kept my head down today because I wasn’t feeling well. At home tonight no one really ate dinner. I guess leftovers didn’t cut it.

Kids are in bed, and I’m going to watch John Adams. Mad Dog is back tomorrow, thank goodness. You know I just finished reading First Family: Abigail and John Adams by Joseph J. Ellis and I don’t know how she (Abigail Adams) did it. I mean they spend almost half of their lives apart, her caring and raising their children, running their farm, while he was off fighting for our liberties and helping build this country. The women of our history were made of such stronger stock than us. It seems with each generation we weaken in some way. Maybe that is true of both men and women – with all we have, we’ve lost another part of our selves. Anyhow, I’m going to go eat something and watch a little history. Oh- almost forgot I have to update my iShuffle. I finished another book. Don’t know if I have anything new to listen too.

Lex got up a few moments ago, he opened a healing scratch on this check which started to bleed. I had to clean him, patch him and put him back to bed. He was so concerned that it would hurt, but he was brave. He also looked cute with his big Cars Band-Aid on his cheek.

Thursday, February 10th:

That was a fun night. About 1AM Lex woke-up and threw-up in bed. Yeah, not something I really wanted to deal with since I wasn’t feeling a 100%. I cleaned up and figured I would wash the sheets in the morning. We went to bed in my room complete with plastic throw-up bowl between us. I called Mad Dog (yes, at 1AM) since he had sent me a text about a half hour before. Since we had a sick Lex, that would mean no school (daycare) for the kids the next day. Mad Dog had a ride out early (I’m not sure what the definition of early is) so I could go in late and he could stay with the kids today. Loki didn’t get the family memo that Lex and I were up late, so she made herself known to all at 5:20AM. I managed to get them to lay in bed with me for a while, before getting up and making real noise.

Currently I’m waiting for Mad Dog – it’s 9:00AM. I think I’m going to have a cup of coffee (the first one in 24 hours – that might explain my headache) and jump in the shower. Fingers crossed that he comes home soon. It’ll be good the have him back. Lex and Loki are very excited that he is coming home today and so am I. I asked Loki if she is going to give Dadda big hugs and kisses and she said yes.

Mad Dog is taking a bus back, since he has yet to hear from his “early” ride. This means he’ll be back and I’ll be at work around 12:30ish. Not how I wanted to this to work out, but at least he’ll be here to watch the kids. Lex seems to be okay. He has been at full steam all morning and poking Loki ever step of the way.

How do I think the week went? Not bad overall. Getting sick didn’t help, but it didn’t slow me down (that much). The kids were the kids. Both of them missed Mad Dog a lot but they were helpful and didn’t get into too much trouble.


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  1. I agree about women of our era not having the same strength, but I also believe it’s coming back! Families are digging down and finding that they can and should give more and be more in general. Also, John Adams (the movie) rocks! My husband gave it to me for Christmas and we watched it again while all fighting the flu. I love history, and I’m thrilled to have found a blogger with the same appreciation.

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