Shot Through the Heart

I can’t say I’ve ever really been a fan of Valentine’s day. Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti-Valentine’s Day, but I don’t usually make a big fuss about it.

The whole thought of the Lonely Hearts Club on Valentine’s Day has always bothered me, whether I was with someone or not. Watching the Charlie Brown Valentine’s Day special Friday Night, Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown drove it home. It bothered me that I was letting Lex and Loki watch a cartoon where in reality by the time Charlie Brown was a teenager, he might have actually taken action against his mean classmates and I don’t mean in a good way (can you say Columbine?) The constant beating and torment Charlie Brown is put through by his “friends” and pet could drive a kid to find his dark side.

I’m sorry I hadn’t planned for this post to turn so dark, it was meant to share with you some of our Valentine’s traditions. For Loki’s first Valentine’s Day I created two boxes for the kids. Each box was hand-painted and topped with their name so that it looks like a chalkboard. For Valentine’s day we buy a few small things to fit in the box and maybe even a little candy (or a treat they can have).On Valentine’s Day they open their box of goodies and the celebration begins. This year since Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, so we thought that we would let the kids open their boxes this morning giving them the day to play with their gifts. Loki received a pair of sunglasses, two little Toy Story 3 figures (Woody and Mr. Pricklepants), a Cat in the Hat Knows All About That DVD, a wooden puzzle and little chocolate candies. Lex received a pair of sunglasses, a set of Cars matchbox set , Handy Manny My First UNO game, little chocolate candies and Stretch (the tape measure) from Handy Manny.

Along with their gift boxes from Mad Dog and I the kids gave each other gifts. Yesterday at Lowe’s Build and Grow Lex made a music box (with Momma), which he gave to his little sister as his gift. She loves it and it was very sweet of Lex to give it to her. For Lex, Loki had Momma pick him up a Build and Grow build kit. Lex got a Pirate Ship to build. They worked on it this morning after breakfast. Loki watched as Lex and Mad Dog worked together with Lex’s tools to assemble the little wooden ship.

All in all it was a night morning and the kids had fun. 


~ by Cute Fan Girl on February 13, 2011.

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