Father Knows Best

A short time ago I posted about my inner-struggle regarding sending a Valentine Card to Mad Dog’s Father and Step-Mother (See: You Give Love a Bad Name). I decided not to send one. Having said that I honestly didn’t get around to sending any of them to anyone. I have a small stack next to the computer, with all the craziness of last week I never got around to mailing them.

Are you wondering if there was any backlash from my boycott ? Lex and Loki received Valentine cards from Mad Dog’s Mother with a sweet $2.00 in it. Lex informed me that is was not for his bank, but to, “buy somethin’ with”. They were both very excited to open the envelopes and see the handmade cards inside. My Mom has informed me that she has cards and small gifts for both of them that she picked up on her trip to Florida, which I think she is sending out with my Brother on Saturday when we see him. What of Mad Dog’s Father?

Monday morning Mad Dog received an email from this Father and Step-Mother directed to Lex(4 – next Monday) and Loki (2). The email read:

Hi,Lex&Loki,Happy Valentines Day
Love Granma&Granpa

Really? Now I know Loki has email on her LeapFrog : My Own Leaptop, but really? They are 2 and 4; and though they may have more computer knowledge than Mad Dog’s Father, they don’t have email and they can’t READ. This whole thing was very annoying to both Mad Dog and I. It has resolved a lot of things (at least for me). After not hearing from him for 3 weeks, he sends two of his only blood grandchildren that he gets to see a crappy email? He has four blood grandchildren, Craig, Gabrielle, Lex and Loki of which he already doesn’t seen one. Mad Dog’s sister does not allow him to see Craig since she has talked to her Father in 13 years.

I am officially done. I wouldn’t taken this behavior from my own Father or even my Mother, and I won’t take it from anyone else. The kids don’t need him in their lives, they have people who take joy in seeing them grow, being with them and knowing them personally. If he can’t be bothered, we can’t be either. Next Monday, February 21st is Lex’s 4th Birthday – if a card (which we are doubting) comes it will be returned to sender.Are you wondering how Mad Dog feels, seeing this is his Father we’re talking about? He’s done with him. He feels there is no redeeming quality that makes him care about his man anymore. He love this man, because he is his Father but he doesn’t like him.

I feel that Lex and Loki should not/will not be seeing him in the near future and I’m not sure under what circumstances I would allow them back into the kids lives. If he wants to see Gabrielle, that is for Mad Dog to decide or for him to contact Mad Dog’s Ex and arrange it with her or Gabrielle. Mad Dog on the other hand feels that if Curt was to make an effort he would not stop him from seeing the kids, but Mad Dog will not be social or go out of his way to make it happen.

I’m sure that Mad Dog and I will be discussing this a lot more in the next few day and weeks, but for now we are both hurt by the recent events. What has been said by his Father and what this means for the kids future relationship with this man.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on February 16, 2011.

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