How Do You Spell Heart? L-E-X

Each Birthday I try to write something about the kids, to give you a little more insight into them, their personality and how they fit into our family. Since Lex’s fourth birthday is on Monday I thought I would make the post a little early, while I have a moment to write it. I will be ending the post with my questionnaire inspired by the Proust Questionnaire (See: Your Favorite Curse Word?).

Alexander, better know as Lex was my first born. I will admit he is completely a “Momma’s Boy”, though I do everything in my power sometimes to prevent it. Over the years he has developed his own personality which is sensitive, kind, a little head strong and sweet. He is the voice of those who can’t speak up for themselves. I sometimes call him Paul Revere, for he is always warning against injustice and possible danger. Sometimes however he is a little more like Peter and the Wolf, but we don’t hold that against him.

He is creative and very artistic. This of course Mad Dog will tell you comes completely from me. I won’t argue that fact, I try to encourage his artistic side as much as possible. In the past year he has become much more critical of his work, which is another trait of mine. He will draw a picture and halfway through trash it because of a minor mistake. I am working with him to encourage him to stick with it and that little mistakes can become big masterpieces. He knows his color wheel and often draws from life when he can, setting up toys as reference for his drawings. With Mad Dog’s help he has published his first comic book (a limited edition run), with the promise of more to come. He also has an architectural side to him. Lex loves to build, it doesn’t matter if it’s pillow forts in the living room, DUPLO towers at the LEGO table or wooden projects at Build & Grow he throws himself into the project.

Lex is kind of the middle child in our family, though he is my first. With Mad Dog’s daughter Gabrielle a full 6 years older than him, he becomes the middle child for part of the year. During those time of the year when she is here he finds himself often disappointed because she does not want to play with him as much as he would like. This is where Lex’s sensitive side kicks into high gear. On the other hand the majority of his year is spent being the oldest and a big brother to boot. His relationship with Loki is usually a “love/hate” relationship at times, but mostly heavy on the love. Loki is usually referred to as his best friend and he looks out for her. Like yesterday on their trip to the ER, he took charge walking right up to the reception window and stated, “My sister Loki is hurt!” Even with their very different personalities and independent ways, I think they would be lost without one another.

Some facts about Lex that you might know and might not know.

  • He is completely potty trained, with only the occasional accident when he is too excited/busy to be bothered with going.
  • Lex has earned 27 Build & Grow badges for his projects.
  • He can’t pick his nose with a band-aid on his finger.
  • He is a video game junkie. His Leapster 2 and Explorer are not enough (you can include his PBS Kids computer game and the Wii too in this category), he is trying to talk us into buying him a Nintendo DS like Momma’s.
  • He has been taken to the Emergency Room twice in his life. Once in Maine for biting through his face and another time for a high fever here in Worcester.
  • Lex loves puzzles and is very good at them when he focuses.
  • He is our resident “Cooking Guy”, he loves to cook and for the most part is very good at. He has his own chef knife.
  • He hates having his toenails cut, but is perfectly alright with having his finger nails done. Odd!
  • He desperately wants a dog.

This morning after we opened his presents Lex took a time out from playing is Explorer to answer his questionnaire. Here is the result of that interview.

  1. What is your favorite word? Cat
  2. What word don’t you like? Soup
  3. Who is your best friend? Cathrine (and Nick too), a little girl at Daycare
  4. Where is your favorite place to go? Maine (most likely Alfred, ME to the cottage)
  5. Where don’t you like to go? The park.
  6. What are you afraid of? Wind and Thunder (right now with the wind gusts we’re having here so am I)
  7. What makes you happy? Jokes.
  8. What makes you sad? Not sharing. (I did not put him up to that. He didn’t even really think about it.)
  9. If you could have any present in the world for your birthday what would it be? A Clock Tower. (Can we ship Big Ben?)
  10. What do you want to do when you grow-up? To paint paintings of ships.

~ by Cute Fan Girl on February 19, 2011.

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