You Bowl Me Over

As part of Lex’s birthday weekend, he was allowed to pick a special family activity. He was given three choices to select from:


The Dinosaur Museum (aka Museum of Science, Boston)

The Movies

Lex heard the word bowling and then nothing else. He has been super excited all week about going even though he didn’t really know what it meant. I grew up on Candlepin bowling as a kid, whereas Mad Dog has grew up on Ten-pin, but for our bowling purposes today we thought Candlepin was the best option. Mad Dog found a place called Colonial Bowling Center in Worcester, they have 24 lanes and is a cash only establishment. The cash only thing threw us for a loop, so I had to run next door to get cash from an ATM machine. Lex and Mad Dog got shoes (Loki was too little) for the three of us. Oddly enough I found out that Mad Dog doesn’t know what size shoes I wear. No an 8 1/2 doesn’t cut it. I had to go back for a 9 1/2 and paid for the shoes when I got back. The alley has bumpers which worked out just fine for us, since Lex and Loki weren’t expert bowlers. 

After fighting over who’s turn it was and how many balls you got we set into the worlds longest bowling string I have ever played in my life – even with 10x more people than we had today. Loki opted for the sit down on the floor and push technique, while Lex preferred what looked like the Shot Put method for getting his ball down the alley. We worked on his bowling skills, but I honestly don’t think he will have to worry about entering any tournaments. As most kids who go bowling, Lex and Loki were far more interested in the vending machines and what they could eat while waiting for their next turn. We didn’t say no, since it meant less fighting during turns.

The our family tournament ended with Mad Dog in the lead, Me in second, Lex in third and Loki bringing up the rear. Everyone enjoyed themselves and though we planned on two strings we didn’t want to be playing until Loki’s birthday in December. After bowling Lex has selected I-Hop has his special lunch place. I-Hop? The only benefit was I got to say “We stop at pancakes house.” (Fargo). Sadly and oddly there was a long wait at I-Hop, which prevented us from fore-filling Lex’s birthday wish. Instead we headed over to 5 & Diner on Lincoln Street. Lex had waffles and chocolate milk, which he ordered all by himself (very impressive).

After lunch we visited our favorite place in the world, it’s like a home away from home sometimes – Target. We had to pick up a few things, like birthday candles. Of course like most time we spent more than we wanted to, but we did get lucky. Mad Dog happen to find that the store had possibly miss priced Batman: Brave and the Bold for the Wii for only $14.99. He got the clerk and asked for the game, of course when the kid rang it up it was full place. Mad Dog corrected him and now the boys (Lex and Mad Dog) are playing it for half the price.

Okay so I never got back to finishing this post. Later that evening when Uncles Kevin and Brent came to watch the kids so Mad Dog and I could go out, we had birthday cake. Lex requested an all color birthday cake, which Momma delivered on. The inside was all rainbow and Lex asked that we have primary color frosting. It was a wonderful day to celebrate a wonderful little boy who is growing up.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on February 21, 2011.

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